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Beer Festival Visit - UK

Saturday 28th May 2011

Bob Thompson

A visit to a much improved pub. There were beers on inside but most were at the back of the garden. There was a good range, which had some eclectic offerings. Here are some of the offerings: Hambleton Stallion, Robinson's Dark Hatters, Inveralmond Ossian, Dark Star Hophead, Acorn Barnsley Bitter, Bateman's XXB, Wantsum Miller's Mirth, Thwaite's Wainwright, Hop Back Summer Lightning, Lymestone Stone the Crows, Cumbrian Legendary Ales Langdale, Old Dairy Gold Top and Blue Top. Of course there were more, but it was a good selection of styles and beers from other parts, with some local examples.

new inn stillageI was just settling in outside when Armageddon arrived. The Morris men turned up! Not just the normal 10 or 12 but at least double that. They had probably been offered free beer to "perform". As most stood on the sidelines watching the rest prance (no....I mean dance), it became impossible to get to the bar. As you have probably gathered, I'm not a fan, but they really were obstructive, and outnumbered customers by about three to one. I was forced to retreat to the pub.

Morris men excepted, it was a good festival, with a great selection of beers, I will return next year on a non-Morris day.

Important Information:

For further details on future festivals please consult website:

If you are in Canterbury the New Inn is a great pub to visit any time of the year as it carries a good selection of beers including several from local breweries.

The New Inn, Havelock Street, Canterbury, Kent CT1 1NP. Tel: 01227 464584

Open: Monday to Thursday 12.00-15.00/18.00-23.00;
Friday and Saturday 12.00-15.00/17.00-24.00; Sunday 12.00-15.00/18.00-23.00

The pub is around 15 minutes from the East station and about 20 minutes from the West station. It is less than 10 minutes to the Central Bus Station.