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Brewery Visit - UK

Friday 18th February 2011

Bob Thompson

sheps distribution depot 1 barThis was a visit for CAMRA members arranged by their Brewery Liaison Officer. A small party of members and friends gathered at the Castle at Oare for a quick pint before taking the ten minute walk against a freezing wind to Shepherd Neame's Distribution Centre on the Western Link at Oare, about a mile from Faversham town centre.

There we met up with several more members in the instruction room on the first floor. This, rather conveniently, has a bar at the rear of room and on offer on one of the two hand pumps was the current seasonal beer, Amber Ale (4.5%).

We were hosted by Ian Barnsby who was assisted by Bryan Mulhern as the Distribution Centre Manager, Andy Miller, was unable to attend.

sheps distribution depot 2 stacked cartonsAfter we had warmed up with a beer or two it was back outside to visit the warehouse, which is always an interesting tour. More beer than even the alcoholic's wildest dream. The cartons are stacked from the floor almost to the ceiling. A quick look through the bonded warehouse (wines and spirits) brought us back to the main building where we consumed more of the excellent Amber Ale along with a very good buffet.

A great evening! It was a very informative and constructive visit and grateful thanks go to all at Shepherd Neame for making it possible.