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phillips brewery 1 buildingTuesday 28th June 2011

Bob Thompson

Although this was a visit to a brewery it wasn't a brewery visit in the strict sense as I came across these premises as I was walking south along Government Street which, half a mile further, turns into the major thoroughfare of Victoria. The surprise was the PHILLIPS BREWERY at 2010 Government Street.

The last address I had for them was in the suburb of Esquimalt, which is to the east of the centre, so I was very pleased as I walked up to the front door where I noticed they had an Art Exhibition on.

phillips brewery 2 bar area and breweryInside I was cheered further when I saw six beer taps on a bar counter and a waiting barman. Sadly, he informed me that they only had an off license. So I said I would probably have to buy a bottle, what did recommend? He said I'd have to try some of the beers first, so I could make the right decision. I passed on the two wheat beers and tried the rest.

The full list was Phoenix Lager, Blue Buck Ale, Hop Circle IPA, Longboat Chocolate Porter, Wheat King Hefeweizen and Raspberry Wheat.

The lager was acceptable and I liked the Porter more than I thought I would. The Blue Buck was good and the Hop Circle IPA was outstanding, so I bought a bottle of it and thanked the barman for his kindness.

I then had time to look around. The bar area was separated from the brewery itself by a glass screen. The room had two bare walls which were ideal for the exhibition and another had posters of all their beers, past and present.

phillips brewery 4 beer postersphillips brewery 3 musicians posters

Important Information:

Phillips Brewing Company, 2010 Government Street, Victoria, BC. V8T 4PI.
Tel: 250 380 1912

The store is open: Monday 09.00-17.00; Tuesday to Thursday 10.00-18.00;
Friday 10.00-19.00; Saturday 11.00-18.00. Sunday Closed.

Regular tours are made and details can be obtained by calling the above telephone number or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.