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Cider Visit - Europe

Tuesday 15th April 2014

Bob Thompson

Wagner 1This is another beautiful Apfelwein (Cider) house in Frankfurt. It was constructed in 1902 specifically as an Apfelwein pub. It was purchased by Adolf Wagner in 1931 who was a cider maker on his farm outside of the city. His original pub was known as Klaane Sachsenhäusen, established in 1886 and is still with us, located near the Affentor. Apfelwein Wagner was improved and opened under its new name on 19th December 1931 and is now operated by the third generation of the Wagner family.

The pub was shut by the authorities in 1943 and didn’t reopen until 1948. During this period the family lived off the produce of the farm. When the pub did reopen they initially sold perry (Birnenwein) using pears from Switzerland until the orchards were restored to their normal condition. In those days the cider was available for sale from December but often ran out by the end of the summer. It is now on sale all year round.

Wagner 2Adolf Wagner died in 1968 and his widow Leni continued running the business for a further two years after she handed it over to two of her daughters, Susanne and Elfriede.

They were at the helm for the next twenty-five years until succeeded by a son of each, Ralf and Harald, who are in charge to this day.

Improvements have been made over the years, one of which was the removal of the old stove to be replaced by central heating.

Entering from Schweitzer Strasse under the impressive illuminated sign you find yourself in a corridor with some standing tables on the right. Beyond that there is a small courtyard with some cushioned benches and long tables with the pub to be found beyond. This has some nice framed wood windows and the whole of the outside area has a removable canopy so that the warmer months can be appreciated to the full.

Wagner 3Inside the pub itself there is dark wood panelling to head height with fitted bare wooden benches. Parts of this main room are divided by varnished wood screens and on top of these are ledges with are occupied by a multitude of the traditional ceramic apfelwein serving jugs of varying ages.

There is a newer area to the rear of the pub that contains furniture of lighted coloured wood. In front of the service area a small standing area with a narrow upright table can be found.

There is an extensive menu with daily and weekly specials. There are many local specialities including a number that feature various parts of pigs slowly roasted so that the meat falls of the bone. And it wouldn’t be Frankfurt without the presence of Grüne Sosse (Green Sauce) made with seven different herbs and served with many different dishes including the traditional version with hard boiled eggs. One day I’d like to try their Sauerkraut and cider soup.

Important Information:

Apfelwein Wagner, Schweizer Strasse 71, Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen. Tel: 069 612565

Open: Monday-Sunday 11.00-24.00

The pub is less than ten minutes walk from Frankfurt Süd station and that is the best way to get to the pub. Trams 15, 16 and 19 run close by, also the 78 bus. 15 and 16 pass the front of the Hauptbahnhof (main station).

Frankfurt Süd is served by S-Bahn lines S5 and S6, U-Bahn lines U1, U2, U3, U8 and main line trains.