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How to contribute to BeerVisits

Maybe you think there is a really good pub or bar that should have an article in BeerVisits. Possibly you have a historical article about pubs, beer or breweries that needs to be aired. Or, have you written an article for a CAMRA Magazine, and think that there is a wider audience to be gained, outside of the local area? We are interested in all of these and more.

If you are interested, please make your initial approach through the "contact us" section on the right of the Home Page. We will then provide more information on supplying copy.

There are a few things to remember though. We like articles that support a number of photographs, so these should be crisp and in focus. Please look at existing articles in BeerVisits, especially the ones from 2012 onwards. This will give you an idea of what we need. Of course, the style you write in is entirely up to you.

Most of the pieces are about pubs and bars, so it is important that research regarding history, the surrounding areas and stories associated with the subject of the article are as thorough as possible, as the amount of text should balance the photographs. However, please be warned that it takes me around three hours on average to complete each one.

A few guiding lines:
The website is in English, yet it matters not whether it is the North American or European version, whatever you are happy with.
We are not interested in Pub Crawls. It was given consideration but dropped in favour of individual articles.
Public transport is very important, so please supply the fullest of details.

When we know a bit more about the subject following an initial approach we can give further assistance for submission.

Where and what are we interested in? Well, pretty well anywhere in the world. Brewpubs and Taprooms are unique, so hold our top interest. Beer is the driving force, of course. So the reason for a selection for a pub or bar could be a good range from small producers, or good beer in an historic environment. Cider is not forgotten so visits to farms and specialist pubs are very interesting. Beer Festivals are well worth recording, simply because they offer a great selection, amongst their other pleasures. It is a big subject and there are many different routes to getting an article in BeerVisits.

I hope this is of assistance to you.

Bob Thompson, BeerVisits Administrator.