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Pivovarsk klub 1 BarSaturday 26th June 2010

Bob Thompson

Whilst in the Czech Republic for reasons unconnected with beer I was nevertheless able to take in some of the capital's best brew pubs in free time during the evenings. On this particular day I also travelled through the city from the north to the south at lunchtime and was able to stop off for a short time at one of the best beer bars in town.

Not only one of the best bars in Prague, it is one of the best bars in Europe in this writer's humble opinion. Created by the management team of Pivovarský dům, an innovative Prague brew pub, this small bar offers over 240 different bottled beers and a traditional Czech menu. But what is exceptional is the range of draught beers. There are six on offer at any one time, always changing and always from small breweries out in the country, or unusual and one-off beers from more well-known breweries.

Pivovarsk klub 2 Bottled beersOn this particular visit the selection was as follows, using the same numbers as displayed in the pub:

1) Kern brewed by the Černá Hora brewery from the town of the same name in the province of Moravia. Under the Czech (Baling) system this is a 10% beer which is 4.0% abv. It's a polotmavé (half dark) lager.

2) Výroční Ležák from the brewery of Dvůr Zvíkovské Podhradí. This is a light beer from the Zvíkovské Podhradí castle brewery in rural southern Bohemia which is unfiltered and unpasteurized.

3) Strakonický Dudák Tmavé Ležák from the Méšťanský Pivovar Strakonice. This is an unpasteurized 4.8% abv dark lager named the "Bagpiper" from the Strakonice Brewery from the town of the same name in Southern Bohemia. This brewery is still owned by the citizens of the town.

Pivovarsk klub 3 Bottled beers4) Mušketýr Nefiltrovaný from Pivovar Krušovice. This is a large national brewery from the town of the same name in Northern Bohemia. It's owned by Heineken. Mušketýr (Musketeer) is one of their regular beers, more often seen in the bottle, but almost never unpasteurized, as this version was.

5) Štěpán Nefiltrovaný Svètlý Ležák from the M inipivovar Pivovarský dům. This is a beer from the brewery in the sister brew pub over on the other side of town, an unfiltered light lager.

6) Richard Pšeničný Ležák, a 11% wheat beer from the brew pub Pivovarská-Restaurace U Richarda in the Žebětín suburb of Brno, the capital of the province of Moravia.

As can be seen this is an eclectic range of beers and they are never the same. The pub is open daily from 11.30 to 23.30 and is to be found at Křižíkova 17 in the Karlín district. Actually it's nearer the old town than the centre of Karlín and only a couple of minutes from the Florenc long distance bus station and the same from the Florence metro station on lines B and C. Many trams pass close by.

Important Information:

Pivovarský klub, Křižíkova 17, Praha 8, 18000.

Opening hours: Daily 11.30 to 23.30. But often closes up to one hour earlier, be aware!

A few mins from Florenc long distance bus station and Florenc metro station (lines B/C).
Many trams pass.