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Dvur 2 Building

Thursday 10th May 2012

Bob Thompson

After our short diversion to the pub next door we entered the large main hall of this pub. The room is dominated by the brewery which towers over the diners and drinkers.

When we visited it was a brewing day so there was no mistaking the purpose of the gleaming copper work as the aromas wafted around the room.

Dvur 1 Beer matThis was the very first private and independent brewery to be established in the country following the fall of communism and it opened in the autumn of 1992. The buildings that seem so suited to house a brewery were built as livestock barns for a monastery. The whole set-up seems to contrast with the Brewery Tavern alongside.

Although there is no problem going in just for a drink, it is apparent that it is diners that are the main focus of the operation, although the kitchen does close during the afternoon so that would seem to be a good time to visit.

Dvur 3 BrewerySomewhat unusually myself and drinking compatriot Russell were there to eat in addition to drinking as this was a diversion on the way to the airport before flying home. The food was pretty good. We both had Goulash which was in the Czech style, i.e., little or no Paprika, yet it was more than acceptable.

We certainly enjoyed the beer, though. There were three on offer, all unfiltered and unpasteurized: 10% kvasnicové světlé (Light lager), 12% kvasnicové polotmavé (Amber medium strength beer) and 14% kvasnicové černé (Strong Black beer).

Dvur 4 Bar roomI thought the černé (black) beer was especially good, lots of dark malt taste yet with a nice bitter finish.

This is a family-oriented pub with a children's play area in the middle of the room and in the summer months they have sheep and goats in the garden.

One very notable aspect is that beer in PET bottles can be taken away. There is a whole fridge of it by the exit / entrance.


Important Information:

Pivovarský Dvůr, Hlavní 525
Open: Monday to Sunday 11.00-23.00

Buses 347 and 358 pass the door hourly off-peak, every 30 minutes in the peak.
These buses run between Zličín and Hostivice.

There is a suburban railway station at Hostivice but easily the best way is via Zličín which is the end station of Metro line C. The journey takes about ten minutes.