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Krkonosska Hospudka 1

Monday 6th May 2013

Bob Thompson

This is a notable pub because it brings to Prague the flavours of the Krkonoš (Giant) Mountains in the very North West of Bohemia. It is the brainchild of David Hausa who hails from that area. I was with Andrew, who is a resident of this district and uses the pub a lot. As we approached the pub we met David, who was tidying up the small terrace situated outside the pub.

We went inside and David explained his policy of stocking beer. He said that the regular beer was Krakonoš 12° (5.1%) from the brewery of the same name located in Trutnov. He also was experimenting by having another semi-regular beer and that was Hendrych 11° (4.5%) from Vrchlabí, also in the Krkonoš area. This was an unfiltered light beer.

The next two beers were from the rotating selection. Novopacké Májový Řezaný Speciál Nefiltr 14° (6.3%) was the third from the Krkonoš area. This is an unusual unfiltered beer from a large regional brewer at Nova Paka. The final offering was not from the mountains but from the town of Belec nad Orlicí, near Hradec Králové, in the east of Bohemia, and that was Belecský Car 12° (5.1%), an unpasteurized and unfiltered light beer.

Krkonosska Hospudka 2LKrkonosska Hospudka 3RThe pub has a clean modern interior with light polished pine furniture. Whilst there we observed a group from a beer consumer's club and they were assessing the beers. Believe me, it was very serious. There is not a full menu but a good selection of cheeses, meats and sausages resourced from the same area as the beers. In fact, the sausages come from a butcher in Trutnov that has been awarded as the best in the region.

So, for the genuine flavours of the Krkonoš mountains, this is the place to go when in Prague.

Important Information:

Krkonošska Hospůdka, Muchova 7, Praha 6. 16000. Tel: 608 566 262

Open: Monday to Friday 15.00-22.00; Saturday 17.00-22.00. Sunday: Closed.

The pub is around five minutes from Hradčanská Metro station on line A.
It is also served by trams 1, 8, 18, 20, 25, 26 and 36.
There are also a multitude of bus routes.