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Monday 6th May 2013

Bob Thompson

This is yet another new kid on the block as far a Prague's beer scene is concerned, as it only opened on 13th February 2013 and brings brewing back to the Holešovice district. The last brewery here was a large concern that brewed the likable beers of the Mešt'án brands. It closed in 1998 and is now loft apartments.

Pivovar Marina 1 96This brew pub is quite different than many others, as it majors heavily on food and one half of the building is a restaurant specialising in Italian cooking. The other half is described as a Pivnice (Beer Hall) but again, at least from what I saw, was mostly a restaurant as almost everybody was eating. It has a cheaper menu based on traditional Czech cuisine than the restaurant. There was no space in the room except at the bar, which to be honest, I didn't mind. It was annoying to have to suffer the accordion player, yet he was liked by the other customers, who looked to me as if they were mostly coach parties, so who am I to complain?

Pivovar Marina 2The building was said to be a customs (bonded?) warehouse and it is leased from the Czech Ports Authority. After the opening they were selling beers brewed at the Břevnoského Klášterní Pivovar (Brevnov Monastery Brewery) in Prague, because the licence to brew from the Prague authorities did not come through till the day before opening. The brewery is at the end of the bar and looked very nice with its burnished copper. It now produces all of the pub's beers.

They brew quite a wide range of beers namely Přístavní výčepní 10° (4.0%), a light lager beer; Pšeničné pivo 11° (abv not known), a wheat beer; Holešovický ležák 12° (4.8%), a full strength pale pilsner style beer; Marina Speciál 13° (4.8%), a dark lager beer and IPA 15° (6.0%), self explanatory.

I decided to start with the 12° dark and liked it very much. It had a little bitterness and I thought the balance of malts was about right. I then went on to the 12° light. What a disappointment this was, hardly any bitterness and far too gassy. I gave up then as I didn't fancy trying another beer like that!

Pivovar Marina 3
One thing that puzzles me about this brewery is that they brew a wheat beer and an IPA, both top-fermenting styles, yet the description of the brewery says they do the primary fermentation in two 20hl closed vessels and the secondary fermentation is done in six vessels of the same capacity.

The only answer to this conundrum must be that they use bottom fermenting yeasts. More information will be gratefully received.

As can be seen, this is not one of my favourite pubs in Prague but, obviously it is in BeerVisits because the beers cannot be obtained elsewhere. However I would go back for some more of the Marina Speciál 13°.

Important Information:

Pivovar Marina, Jankovcova 12, Praha 7. Tel: 220 571 183

Open: Daily 10.00-23.00

The pub is just over five minutes walk from the Maniny tram stop that is served by routes 1, 3, 12, 15 and 25. This is the last stop when coming from the city centre before crossing the bridge over the river. It is marked by two large glass office buildings on either side of the road. From the stop walk towards the bridge and in front of one of these buildings turn left and head north along Jankovcova. You will reach a roundabout and on the right is a modern apartment block you can walk under. Go through and you will find the brew pub.