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Siebensternbrau 1 Tram and BuildingTuesday 14th September 2009

Bob Thompson

The Seven Stars Brewery takes its name from the street it is in and the district around it. The location is between the heart of the city (Ring) and the Westbahnhof station, yet it is still in the centre.

This is a brewpub that caters for all tastes and changes its identity a little between lunch and evening. There is a full food menu and a very full beer menu.

There are seven beers in the standard range and these are: Wiener Helles (4.7%) which is an interpretation of the German Pils style; supposedly dry. I actually didn't get that taste, but it is all right. Prager Dunkles (4.5%) is supposed to be a dark lager similar to that sold in Bohemia in the 19th Century. Not having a Tardis to go back in time to Prague, I cannot authenticate the taste, but this beer is pretty good.

Märzen (5.1%) is not in the Bavarian style but the Viennese. I didn't know there was one. However, it is acceptable but not particularly to my own taste, having a malt biscuit taste with little or no hop influence. Henf Bier (4.7%) is made with Hemp yet is not hallucinogenic in any way. It is a relation of the hop so gives a bit of depth to the beer that is not normally there. It's quite good with medium bitterness.

Siebensternbrau 2 BreweryChilli Bier (4.7%) is not as bad as it could be. The Chillies certainly give it a sharpness that is not necessarily unpleasant, yet there are somewhat stronger versions of this type of beer that are not as good. Rauchbier (5.1%) is a quite passable imitation of the Bamberg style, I liked it. India Pale Ale (5.0%) is a strange beer to find in Vienna. I doubt if it is a true ale with top fermentation but ales can be made with bottom-fermenting yeast. It was very good but not in the English IPA style as it uses American hops.

There is always a seasonal beer and it always seems to be a Bock. This time it was Summer Bock (6.3%). I passed on it, so cannot report back.

A pub that is well worth visiting should you be anywhere near the centre of the city.

Important Information:

Siebensternbräu, Siebensterngasse 19, Wien 1070. Tel: 01 523 8697

Open: Monday to Sunday 11.00-24.00

Tram 49 runs past (see lead photograph with the pub in the background).
Alight at the Siebensterngasse stop. It's the best way to get here.