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Visited on: Petrovich1aFriday 28th September 2018

Bob Thompson

We should have walked here from the Augustine brew-pub. It would have taken around 15 to 20 minutes. Instead I elected to use trolleybuses from the Stadion stop; big mistake!

The first one broke down immediately we got on. Whilst the driver went back with his pole to remove the gear from the power lines another was waiting to pass. When this was done we boarded it with the rest of the crowd ejected off the failure.

Petrovich2We then changed routes and discovered that we had just missed one and the next was in forty minutes, so we ended up walking anyhow!

Petr Petrovich is a pub-restaurant in a very pleasant location at the edge of a park. We were entertained on the way by the antics of the squirrels, getting their supplies in for the winter. They were of the red variety, a novelty for us from the UK, which is almost totally inhabited by the grey version.

Petr Petrovich is located in an old mansion and is spread over three floors. The Hungarian-built brewery is noticeable as you enter from the surrounding park. We continued to the next floor up where we found the bar counter and the main room. The décor is modern and presents a warm atmosphere for eating and drinking. There is also a very pleasant terrace.

Petrovich3There is a standard range of four beers, as follows: Светлый Лагер (Light Lager) (4.5%); Тепный Лагер (Dark Lager) (5.0%); Венский Лагер (Vienna Lager) (5.0%) and Мшеничный Эль (Wheat Ale) (4.5%). There was one seasonal beer offered: Овсяный Стаут (Oatmeal Stout) (5.8%). Other specials previously produced were a Milk Stout, IPA, Raspberry Porter and Peach Blanche (Wheat).

We had three of these beers. The Light lager was more or less what we expected being not very bitter and light in body.

The Viennese lager was darker in colour and more malty than the first tried. Malt was also very much to the fore with the Dark lager. I like bitter beers but have to say these were all well crafted and you could tell that the ingredients used were the very best. It also helped that they were not very gassy at all.

Petrovich4This pub-restaurant opened on 21st April 2012 and is noted for its food as well as beer. They have their own smoke house, bakery, make their own cheese / ice cream and sausages and possess a distillery.

It is believed to have been named after Petr Petrovich Sushkin (1868-1928), a noted ornithologist and zoologist who was born in Tula. It certainly has a beautiful location which was enhanced even more on this beautiful sunny autumn afternoon.

Petrovich5After our visit to Petr Petrovich we walked to another local beer outlet just five minutes away. This was the shop of the Khaninskaya Brewery whose brewing plant is located on the edge of town.

Normally this would have opened at 14.00 but didn’t. A building worker repairing the steps outside told us it would be 15.00 on that day. As this would have been too late for us we reluctantly continued our tour with great disappointment.

For future visitors here are the details:
Khaninskaya Brewery Shop/Магазин Пивоварня, Frunze/Фрунзе 24, Tula/Tyлa 300034.
Hours: Monday-Friday 14.00-22.00; Saturday-Sunday 12:00-22:00.

Important Information:

Petr Petrovich/Пётр Петрович, Pervomayskaya/Первомайская Улица, 13/15, Tula/Tyлa
Tel: 74872717400. Web:

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12:00-01:00, Friday-Saturday 12:00-02:00

The pub is difficult to get to if you don’t like to walk far. There is a trolleybus passing, the No 4, but it only operates every 40 minutes or so. The stop to head for is Белоусовский Парк (Belousovsky Park). Route 4 does not serve the railway station. However there are a number of Marshrutka routes that serve the stop and will take you to the centre of the city. Marshrutka are mini-buses that are licensed and operate to fixed routes. We used one on this occasion but I cannot say that I like travelling in them.