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Visited on: Saturday 29th September 2018

Bob Thompson

Brotundbeer1This Brotundbeer (sometimes spelt Brotunbir) pub-restaurant is part of a chain specialising in Siberian cuisine. So read, lots of steaks, often in a BBQ-type style and a lot of fish such as pike and pike-perch, as well as the ubiquitous salmon.

It is located in the up-market Columbus Shopping Centre on the fourth Floor (actually the third floor as Russians count the ground floor as No 1. Of course, there are escalators to take you there.

We had great difficulty in finding it as the map in a well-known beer ratings site indicated it was in another shopping centre, next but one to the Columbus Centre. However, we located it eventually. I notice that this mistake has now been corrected and it is shown in the right place on the map. The restaurant is basically one large rectangular room with the bar counter along the far wall with the gleaming brewery to the right of it.

It is believed that the restaurant opened on 1st January 2017. The first beers were prepared by mid-February of that year. They were Светлое (Light Lager); Темное (Dark Lager) and Мшеничное (Wheat Beer). This trio comprises the basic range to today and was on offer when we called. Special beers are also brewed, Красное (Vienna Lager) is one of these.

Brotundbeer2The brewer is Dmitry Nikolaevich Egorov and he came to Brotundbeer with eleven years experience. Only high quality ingredients are used. The malts are from the well-known Weyermann maltings in Bamberg. The hops are from the Czech Republic and the water is treated through filters before being used.

We tried the Light and the Dark and liked them both. It is planned to install a small distillery to produce liqueurs.

They offer 20% off between 12.00 and 17.00 on Mondays to Fridays, although this must be checked with the restaurant before as it may not apply in the future. The beer here is of high quality and that makes the simple trip out of the city very worthwhile.

Important Information:

Brotundbeer, Kirovogradskaya 13a, Moscow, Russia 117519. Tel: 916 7512751. Web:

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12.00-24.00; Friday-Saturday 12.00-03.00

Catch Metro Line 9 (Grey) southwards and alight at Prazhskaya (Пражская). Exit the station and you will see the Columbus Centre. Cross the road, enter and use the escalators to Floor 4. The pub is on the right.