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Moscow (Москва):
16 Tons / 16 Тонн (Шестнадцать Тонн)

Friday 12th June 2009

Linda Clarke and Bob Thompson

16 tons 1 BuildingThis pub is close to Ulitsa 1905 Goda station on metro line 7 (purple). From the exit of the station we walked through a "Moscow Shopping Centre" (a row of tiny shacks / shops / kiosks) to our destination. This pub is called 16 TONS / 16 ТОНН (ШЕСТНАДЦАТЬ ТОНН). Strange name, they say it's something to do with the maximum lifting weight of a crane. We think it's a reference to the song by B.B. King about the amount of coal a miner extracts in one day. (This has subsequently been confirmed, yet with reference to an earlier rendition in 1955 by Tennessee Ernie Ford.) It is decorated in the pseudo-English pub style.

Upstairs is a club which specialises in Indie and Dance bands, some on the list I'd actually heard of, so it must be an important venue. (Later it was confirmed that this was considered the best live music venue in Moscow.) Two beers, Светлое Специальное / Light Lager, and Темное ДвЙное / Dark Beer, were offered. Both were good without being exceptional. Nevertheless this brew-pub is fine and well worth the short journey out of the city centre. I'd been there five years ago, and it hadn't changed one bit during the intervening period.

Important Information:

16 Tons / 16 Тонн (Шестнадцать Тонн), 6/1 ulica Presnensky Val., Moskva 123022
Tel: +7 (499) 253 53 00

Open: Daily 11.00-06.00

It is just a couple of minutes walk from Ulitsa 1905 Goda station on metro line 7 (purple).