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Moscow (Москва): Pivovarnya na Shabolovke /
Пивоварня на Шаболовке

Thursday 25th July 2013

Bob Thompson

Shabolovke 2Shabolovke 1BeerVisits is proud to bring you information on new breweries as soon as possible and this is no exception. I visited at the end of July 2013 when the pub had been open less than three months. It actually welcomed its first customer on 17th May 2013. The "Brewery on Shabolovke" is a very modern restaurant, yet it is not austere in any way, as some new premises can be.

Shabolovke 3
Once through the entrance door I noticed it was quite dark inside. As my eyes were becoming accustomed to the amount of light I noticed the brewery to my right simply because it had its own illumination. It was much brighter to the left and this where the bar was located. I took a seat a table close to the service area and a waiter arrived immediately. I explained that I was only there for a beer and in very good English he explained about the four on offer. I went for a small glass (0.3l) of both the Pilsener type and the dark.

Shabolovke 4Please see below for the full list of what was on offer:
No 1 (abv unknown): a light lager beer with a mild hop flavour.
Kabinetnoe/Кабинетное (4.4%): a mid-brown beer in the style of a German Märzen.
Sveltloe/Светлое (4.5%): a light lager of the Pilsener type.
Velvet/Бархатное (4.3%): made in the Bavarian Dunkel style.

The Svetloe was very typical of its type, nothing wrong with that. The Velvet was rich and dark, but not over sweet, a good beer. Whilst consuming these beers I had the opportunity to take a look around. The furniture is wooden but very comfortable.

Shabolovke 5On the side wall there were three large flat-screen televisions so I guess the bar would be a good place to watch sporting events. In fact they advertise featured games in the Russian Football Championship.

There are also special offers on Saturdays, when they offer three beers for the price of two and if you order certain meals a beer is thrown in for nothing. Another good deal is that if you order a sausage or beer snacks plate for four persons you get three litres of beer for nothing. In the later evening it becomes a bit like a night club with live bands.

It is a very easy pub to get to from central Moscow and it comes recommended.

Important Information:

Pivovarnya na Shabolovke, ulica Shabolovka 31, Moskva 115162. Tel: +7 (499) 707 0708
Пивоварня на Шаболовке, Улица Шаболовкa 31, Москва 115162

Open: Monday-Sunday 12.00-24.00

Metro/Метро: Shabolovskaya/Шаболовская. Walk out of the metro station and you are in ulitsa Shabolovka. Cross to the other side and turn left along the pavement. You will soon see the pub on that side.