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St Petersburg (Санкт-Петербург):
Grad Petrov / Градь Петровь

Monday 22nd July 2013

Bob Thompson

Grad Petrov 1Grad Petrov is yet another variation on the name of Sankt Peterburg (St Petersburg), being an old Russian title for the city. Although in the heart of this sprawling metropolis, it is strangely isolated on the side of Vasilevsky Island. A large proportion of St Petersburg is situated on islands so that is not unusual. I suppose it is the width of the River Neva right in front of the pub that gives this impression.

In actual fact one of the classic vistas of St Petersburg is available from the University Embankment / Чиверситетская Набережная on which the pub is located. Directly opposite is the Admiralty, then to right is the Dvorcovy Most (bridge) and beyond that is the bulk of the Winter Palace containing the Hermitage Museum, the world's largest picture gallery. Turning one's back on the river, the edifice of the Academy of Sciences with its classical columned frontage is in view, and Grad Petrov is to be found in the cellar of its western wing. It has a nice terrace at the front for these great views.

Grad Petrov 2I didn't linger on the terrace as it had just rained and it was threatening to do so again. Stepping down into the pub itself I spotted the brewery on the right. It was another product from the Kaspar Schultz factory of Bamberg, Germany. In fact, there was a very Germanic feel about this brew-pub from the interior decor right through to the food and beer.

Apart from the terrace, there are two separate areas in the pub. I thought the area to the left of the bar had the most pub-like feel to it, so settled on a bar stool there. There was a choice of four beers: Lager Bier, Dunkel (dark), Pils and Wheat. I settled for the normal Lager and liked it considerably. It was up with the best that Bavaria can produce. In the past they have also produced a Dark Wheat beer and in December, you'll find a Christmas beer. If the brewer is in attendance he will give you a free tour.

Grad Petrov 3As can be seen from the photographs the furniture of the pub is mostly varnished wood. I thought it was reminiscent of a Polish mountain pub. As mentioned, the food is very German and it is said that the best sausages in St Petersburg can be found here.

Please don't forget the famous statistic that should you look at each picture in the Hermitage for a minute it will take you 11 years of continuous viewing to complete a tour. So, some way through that immense task you may want to break off for some refreshment. Should that be the case, I can think of no better place than the Grad Petrov for some beer and sausages.

Important Information:

Grad Petrov, Universitetskaya 5, Sankt Peterburg, 199034. Tel: 812 326 0137
Градь Петровь, Чиверситетская Набережная 5, Санкт-Петербург, 199034

Open: Monday to Sunday 12.00-01.00

The nearest metro stations are Admiralteyskaya/Адмиралтейская on line 5 (purple) and Vasileoostrovdkaya/Василеостро́вская on line 3 (green). Both are around 20 to 25 minutes walk to the pub.