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St Petersburg (Санкт-Петербург):
Nabeerezhnaya / Наbeerежная

Tuesday 23rd July 2013

Bob Thompson

Nabeerezhnaya 1I had just walked from the Puberty pub to this, another modern brew-pub, and as I took a photograph of its strangely anonymous exterior, I finally clicked in to what its name was about. It was another play on words like Puberty which is two English words combined. Well, this was a Russian / English titular collaboration. Although the name sounds a bit biblical its source is the Russian word Naberezhnaya meaning embankment, one of which it is to be found upon. Stick an extra e into the word and you get to spell beer. It's all so obvious, not!

The brew-pub restaurant is to be found on the ground floor of an office block. Everything around here is brand new and squeaky clean. There are other restaurants and a bank, which I had to visit to get a 5,000 Ruble note changed down to something smaller. At the moment you can say the pub is a little devoid of atmosphere but I am sure that will change.

Nabeerezhnaya 2Once inside I went left to the bar; there were other drinking and dining areas straight on. I settled and looked around and noticed the large gleaming brewery was behind the stage. Now, that is a first! As this was late afternoon the pub was fairly quiet.

There were a number of beers on offer. The menu was entirely in Russian so, to play safe, I ordered the Premium; it sounded like a good lager beer and it was. See below for the full list. Regretfully I did not realise at the time that the last entry was a seasonal beer, I should have looked more closely and asked about it.

Table Beer Filtered (Столовое Филь Трованное)
Premium Unfiltered (Премиум Нефиль Тровнное)
Dark Ale Unfiltered (Темный Зль Нефиль Трованное)
Wheat Beer Unfiltered (Пшеничное Нефиль Трованно)
Seasonal Beer (Сезонное Варится По Сеэону)

I don't know what to make of this place, the beer was good but the pub was a bit lifeless and sterile, yet you have to go there if you are in St Petersburg, as you won't get the beers anywhere else!

Important Information:

Nabeerezhnaya, nab. Aptekarskaya 20a, Sankt Peterburg. Tel: 812 600 9006
Наbeerежная, Аптекарская 20a, Санкт-Петербург

Open: Monday-Sunday 09.00-02.00

Metro/Метро: Petrogradskaya/Петроградская
I walked from Puberty and it took me 40 minutes. I would estimate it would take a fully fit person about 25 minutes for the same journey. The metro station mentioned above would be about 25 minutes away.
I walked from the pub to the Pesochnaya Nabeerezhnaya/Пессочная Наbeerежная tram stop and it took about 15 minutes, slowly.