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Thursday 11th June 2009

Bob Thompson

Bruuveri 1This is a brew pub in the basement of a shopping centre in the Kammpi district, not far from Helsinki's main station. It would be possible to miss it from the street if it wasn't for the parasols outside. Downstairs Linda and I found a very comfortable bar with a good selection of beers.

Although some of the beers are brewed in house, a number come from the brewery near to Mikkeli in the East of the country. This has the same owners as Bruuveri and they own the Pub Päärmaja in Mikkeli where the full range from the local brewery can be sampled. (Please see a separate article on a visit made to this pub in 2013).

The plant in Helsinki has a capacity of 240 litres and they specialise in ales. They use hops from England, Germany, Czech Republic and the United States.

Bruuveri 2When I visited there were eight beers on offer. Five came from Mikkeli and these were Marsalkka III (4.6%) and Marsalkka IV (5.2%). These two are lager beers and the numbers refer to the official band of alcoholic strength used for all Finnish beers.

There was also Kesäkessu (6.3%), an IPA; Sportten (8.6%) a Porter and Kesävänskä (5.5%), a golden ale.

From the small brewery in the pub there were: Lentomestari (6.2%), a strong bitter in the English style; Bruuveri Stout (5.2%), in the style of an Imperial Russian Stout yet not so strong, and Simainen Olut (6.5%), a strange beer that is supposed to taste like mead.

I have to say that the quality of these brews is very good indeed and the pub is recommended, especially as it is so easy to get to. A full dining menu is offered most of the time.

Important Information:

Bruuveri, Fredrikinkatu 63, Helsinki 00100. Tel: 09 685 6688

Open: Monday-Tuesday 10.30-24.00; Wednesday-Thursday 10.30-01.00;
Friday 10.30-02.00; Saturday 11.00-02.00; Sunday 16.00-23.00

The pub is less than ten minutes away from Helsinki Rail and Bus stations.
The area is well-served by several tram routes and the Metro at Central Station and Kamppi. The latter station is just around the corner, less than five minutes away.