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Thursday 3rd October 2013

Tromiejski 1Bob Thompson

I don't think I've come across a brewery under so many names. As can be seen by the photograph of the outside of the building, it is named Mini Browar Trómiejski, the Tri-Cities mini brewery. The three Cities in are Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia that form a linear conurbation along the Baltic Sea coast. Even the description mini brewery is a misnomer as it is quite large, see below. To add to the confusion the brand name of the beers is Lubrow and muddying the waters further is the fact the brewery is to be found in the Barbados restaurant, which sometimes likes to title itself as the Piano Bar Barbados. Confused; you will be!

Tromiejski 2The restaurant was established in 2004 but it wasn't until 2012 that the brewery was installed. It was custom-built in stainless steel by the well-known brewery manufacturer of Kaspar Schultz in Bamberg, Germany. Because of the way it is illuminated it cannot be missed and is visible from everywhere in the main room. Passing through the covered terrace you enter the front door and there is a large seating area with the brewery on the left. There is more seating in front of it and the bar is at the back of the room.

They brew five regular beers and these are:

Szybka Kolejka Miejska (or SKM), a Pils of 5.1%.
Zachmielacz Trómiejski, an IPA that is 7.5%.
Trómiejski Piwniczne, in the Kellerbier style at 5.3%
Karmelickie, a dark lager of 5.3%
Dominikańskie, a top-fermented wheat beer at 4.2%

Pleasingly they served a five beer sampler set and I tried this first. This is what I thought of the beers, in the order I consumed them.

Tromiejski 3The Kellerbier I liked a lot as it had the correct taste and was not too sweet as some versions are; very refreshing. Next the Dark beer which was a Southern German Dunkel type with a dark malt taste. It had low bitterness but conversely, was not too sweet. The Wheat beer was strange being much maltier than a normal version and no bitterness at all. I thought the Pils was quite innocuous with little taste. Finally, saving the best till last, the IPA was superb, a really good version, using US hops but not over bitter.

Tromiejski 4
This place is many things to many people and I guess it can get quite lively in the evenings, especially if there is a band playing. There is a full menu all day.

The pub has a sister outlet in Gydnia, also at a Barbados restaurant. The address is ul. 10-tego Lutego 16 and the brewery is known as Paźoziernikowe Swięto Piwa. Because of its location the Lubrow brewery is very easy to visit and comes recommended.

Important Information:

Browar Trójmiejski (Lubrow), ul Karmelicka 1, Gdańsk. Tel: 510 066 777

Open: Sunday-Thursday 12.00-22.00; Friday-Saturday 12.00-23.00

The restaurant is located almost opposite the main station which has rail connections to all over Poland. It also has excellent bus and tram connections. Gdansk has an International airport with flights to all over the continent including the UK.

From the front of the station use the large subway to cross the dual carriageway and tram tracks. Turn right at the end, continue a short distance and then climb some steps and the restaurant is opposite.