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Tazebao1Visited on: Tuesday 13th September 2016

Bob Thompson

Often we find-brew pubs serving pizza, especially in North America. In fact beer and pizza are almost synonymous with each other. Well, Tazebao has reversed the order as it is a pizzeria that has installed a brewery. Owners Fernando Miele and wife Luciana Glavina acquired a small brewery back in 2006 to complement the food in their traditional pizzeria.

Tazebao2The 400 litre capacity brewery is partially visible from the street through a window. I was with a small group and on entering we discovered a classic small Italian bar.

But we were led further down to a dining room where there was a glass display cabinet containing branded brewery glasses and souvenirs for sale. Yet, did we stop there? No, we were taken down more stairs to a terrace overlooking a river.

Although it was September it was still warm at 21.00 in the evening. It was Italy, after all. So, with exception of some interfering insects it was a perfect site to drink beer. What’s more we were also hungry so pizzas were ordered and pronounced to be excellent. We theorised that as Trieste is a port city and not a resort and this place was in the suburbs, almost every customer would be a local, hence the high quality.

Tazebao3Then there was the beer and this was genuine also, being unfiltered and unpasteurised. We had a choice of Tazebier (5.0%), a blonde ale; Mittlebier (6.2%), an amber ale; Saporita Scura (Dark Taste) (6.2%), a brown ale; Tazenweizen (5.0%), a wheat beer and Smoked Beer (6.2%).

Whilst we were there we went through the card between ourselves. Consensus was that Tazebier was the best with Mittlebier being a close second although I personally favoured Smoked Beer in that position.

As can probably be gathered, we enjoyed our visit here very much and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Trieste.

Important Information:

Tazebao, Via Lorenzetti 9, 34100 Trieste. Web: Tel: 040 639547

Hours: Monday: Closed; Tuesday-Sunday: 18.30-22.30

Bus 1 runs from Trieste Centrale station every fifteen minutes in the evening until 20.30. Return is similar.
Alight at the via Pietro Zorutti stop, walk forward to a small roundabout. There, you’ll see it on the right.