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Pub Visit - Germany

BrewBaker 1 BuildingMonday 29th November 2010

Bob Thompson

This pub was near to Bellevue S-Bahn station. Once, that was the penultimate station before the East Berlin border crossing and there was no reason to alight (or continue, I often thought, yet I always did).

More recently there's been a good reason to get off and that was BrewBaker. It was to be found in an arch under the railway, only 200 metres from station on the north side.

BrewBaker 2 BreweryWhen I visited there were three beers on offer, two regulars and one special. They were Bellevue Pils, a fine example with medium hop taste, Red Monkey, a red lager (?) that I thought was sour and awful. Finally the special was Weiner Nacht which was a lovely dark and bitter beer. So, a bit of a mixed bag but nevertheless, a nice pub.

Important Information:

Since this was written the brewery has moved to an indoor market hall at 2-4 Arminiusstrasse, not too far away.

They no longer do food as there is plenty available on the stalls. There are two taps, one always selling Bellevue Pils and the other a changing special. They are only open from morning to late afternoon on Monday to Saturday (15.00 finish on Saturday). This reflects the market's opening hours. It is quite close to the U-bahn station of Turmstrasse.
We will try to provide a report on this as soon as possible.
It is worth leaving this article on BeerVisits for its historical interest.