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Eschenbru 1 BuildingSaturday 27th November 2010

Bob Thompson

Should you be coming from Spandau to central Berlin you can travel through Wedding.

At Triftstrasse 67 there's a very innovative brewery in an unusual location that is quite hard to find. It's at the back of a block of flats in what can only described as the basement, with the brewery located on the ground floor, and is well worth a visit.

Eschenbru 2 Brewery
There are three regular beers: Pils (5.0%), Dunkel (5.3%) and Weizen (5.2%). There's a special every month or so. During the year they had brewed the following: Bock, Rauch-Bier, Hopfenblume, Bayrisch Hell, Schwarzbier, Märzen, Roter Wedding, Maibock and Alte Schwede. The latter was to be the next one available but not on the evening I was there. I had both the Pils and the Dunkel and they were both extremely good.

There's also a distillery on the premises standing in the corner looking menacingly like an alien robot that was about to attack the customers. Apart from that it is a very laid-back brewpub. It's a great little bar, easily worth making the journey from the city centre.

Important Information:

Eschenbräu, Triftstasse 67, Berlin-Wedding 13353. Tel: 030 462 6837

Open: Daily: June to August 15.00-01.00; September to May 17.00-01.00

About fifteen minutes walk from Wedding station (S47/S41/U6)
and five minutes from Leopoldplatz (U6/U9).