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Hops and Barley 1 BuildingSaturday 27th November 2010

Bob Thompson

Hops & Barley is in a residential district south of Frankfurter Allee, once Karl-Marx-Allee. This is the southern part of Friedrichshain and is very nearly in Kreutzberg. However despite reunification they are still very separate districts, the legacy of the wall that has been down for over twenty years!

It's a small brewpub on Wühlischstrasse and is very much a centre of the local community; there is often live music in its back bar. It was very busy when I and fellow imbiber Vaughan visited and we were lucky to get a seat.

Hops and Barley 2 Brewery 2
Only one beer was sampled, Hell, and it was a good light beer, typical of the small brewery style. Apart from the Hell there was also a Dunkel (dark) and a Weizen (Wheat).

As well as the normal range there are usually one or two specials but whatever they were, they were passed on this night, it was a bit late!

This is a good pub that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Additional content March 2023 from Vaughan Machin:
Hops and Barley was virtually unchanged since Bob and my 2010 visit; here are three new photos, one above and two below, one showing a list of the homemade brews, including a cider with natural carbonation.

Hops and Barley 3 BeersHops and Barley 4 Beer List












Important Information:

Hops & Barley: Wühlischstrasse 22/23, Berlin-Frierichshain 10245. Tel: 030 2936 7534

Open: Daily 17.00-03.00

Catch the U5 line to Samariterstrasse station and the pub is approximately 10 minutes away.