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Copenick 1 BuildingMonday 29th November 2010

Bob Thompson

This eclectic little pub is located in the district of Köpenick in the outer suburbs of former East Berlin.

It styles itself as the smallest brewery in Germany but that is probably not true. It's a very pleasant spot indeed, located on the small square that faces across from the main entrance of the Schloss (Castle) Köpenick.

Copenick 2 Beer and Tram

It's a small glass-walled building that houses the tiny brewery, a bar and seating places for about 30 customers. However on nice days in the summer the capacity triples as there are seats and tables out on the square itself.

The one aspect of this brewpub, apart from its size, is the experimental nature of some of the beers made. There are four beers in the standard range. These start quite normally with a Hell (light) and a Dunkel (dark), yet the other two regulars are extremely unusual.

First is Babylonisches Bier, which is supposed to be replication of the first beer ever brewed. It is according the recipe provided by King Hammurabi in 1780BC (I'm not sure if I believe all this stuff).

With the other beer we enter the world of the just plain weird. It is Kirsch-Chili-Bier (Cherry/Chilli beer).

Copenick 3 Brewery
I can't tell you what these two taste like, as I've never had the courage to order them. All the beers are around 5.3% abv.

There are normally one or two seasonal beers on offer, some strange, others normal regional styles.

These are Frühjahrsbock (Spring Bock, 6.2%), Doppelbock (Autumn Bock, 7.2%), Rauchbier (Smoked beer, 6.2%), Märzen (5.8%), Dinkelbier (Spelt beer), Buchweizen (Buckwheat beer), Sake (Japanese Rice beer) and Porter.

Of these seasonals, I've had the first three and can confirm that they are all good examples of their styles. Many of the beers are made with malt from Saxony and the hops are often Tettnang.

This quirky little boozer is one of the best brewpubs in Berlin and definitely justifies the journey out of the city centre for a visit.

Important Information:

Schlossplatz Brauerei Cöpernik, Auf dem Schlossplatz, Berlin-Köpenick 12555
Tel: 0176 2439 9568

Open: Daily 12.00-24.00 (or later)

The Brauhaus can be reached by tram to either Rathaus Köpenick or Schlossplatz Köpenick stops, both are less than 100 metres from the pub. There are many different ways to get there, but you have to arrive on one of the following trams: 60, 61, 62, 67 or 68. In fact, it is an epicentre for trams. From the rest of Berlin it is best to get an S-Bahn to any station that the above routes pass, and then change to tram.