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Echterdingen, Baden-Württemberg:
Parkhotel (Echterdinger Brauhaus)

Parkhotel1Sunday 20th December 2015

Bob Thompson

A microbrewery in a four-star hotel? Sounds unusual yet it is a reality here in Stuttgart. It would be interesting to know what the thinking was behind this fantastic idea. The hotel is quite close to Stuttgart Airport and the International Exhibition Complex, so maybe it was thought that this facility would give the Parkhotel an edge over the competition.

Parkhotel2This is an independent but also modern hotel that was opened in 2011. It was founded by the same owners of the Parkhotel in Pforzheim. It is extremely plush fully befitting its **** status. I might add that I was there also for a drink but its proximity to the airport and the fact that they do deals means I will certainly consider staying here in future.

It is to be found right outside Echterdingen S-Bahn (suburban railway) station and is the penultimate stop before Stuttgart Flughafen-Messe station, for the Airport.

Parkhotel3It was a very cold evening as I walked towards the entrance lobby. Inside I could see the reception but no sign to the Brauhaus, so I asked. I was directed via a large restaurant and lounge and then along a corridor and there it was.

I couldn’t miss the shiny brewery as it dominates the room. It looks as if it is on a pedestal but that is merely a platform for the brewer to attend to the equipment. It is surrounded by metal railings and there were sacks of malt resting against the copper and mash tun ready for the next brew.

Parkhotel4I also noticed that it appeared to be a location for Christmas present exchanges as there were a number of gift wrapped parcels.

Behind the brewery equipment there are a number of large arched windows that look out to Hauptstrasse (main street). In fact there is a separate entrance to the Brauhaus from this road, so it not necessary to walk all the way through the hotel.

The bar counter is found in a corner of the room and is curved at one end. There are a number of high stools in front of it. I went to a tall table in front of the bar and looked around the room.

Parkhotel5The walls are bare brick and there is a lot of wood used in the furniture and the bare floorboards. Most of the tables were laid with tablecloths indicating that they were for dining. Nevertheless there were number without, mostly near the bar area, and these would be dedicated to those who have just popped in for a drink.

There is one staple beer that is served all year round and this is Echterdinger Brauhaus Hell (4.9%). I thought it was very good. This single beer is always accompanied by a seasonal offering and fittingly for the time of year, was Winterbier (5.5%). It’s a dark beer with lots of taste but not over-malty as these types can sometimes be.

So, to sum up, this pub is well located, especially for the airport. It is right outside an S-Bahn railway station with a frequent service to both airport and city centre. It is part of a hotel that is superb, being of four star quality with reasonable rates. In the summer months it has a biergarten. What’s not to like!

Important Information:

Parkhotel Stuttgart Messe-Airport, Filderbahnstrasse 2, 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen. Tel: 049 711 633440

Hours: Monday-Sunday: 11.30-01.00. Some sources say it closes at 24.00, yet not the hotel’s own website.
The kitchen is open from 11.30 to 24.00.

Echterdingen station is served by line S2 every 20 minutes, Monday to Sunday.
Also there is line S3 at busier times which runs every 30 minutes, Monday to Sunday.