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Leutkirch, Baden-Württemberg:
Brauereigasthof Mohren

Mohren 1 BuildingSaturday 18th August 2012

Bob Thompson

Leutkirch is a market town in Allgäu region of the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.

It is very close to the eastern boundary of Bavaria (Bayern). This area is noted for its agriculture and food, especially Allgäuer cheese.

Mohren 2 Waldschloss BreweryThe Brauereigasthof Mohren is situated just around the corner from the Brauerei Clemens Härle in Am Hopfgarden 5, although I didn't see the hop gardens that were there obviously there once. Although under local management the Mohren is the official brewery tap.

The history of this brewery is very interesting as it doesn't date from centuries ago as so many in this area do. It's a veritable youngster as it was founded in 1897 and the buildings are original.

Mohren 4 Dining room 2It all starts at a farmhouse in Kirchdorf in Oberschwaben (Upper Schwabia), an area north of here. In the mid nineteenth century the family Härle had thirteen children from which there were four brothers who all went on to found breweries.

The eldest was Heinrich Härle who took over the running of the Gräflich-Königsegg'sch (Count Königsegg's) brewery at Aulendorf towards the end of the 19th century. He was successful and the brewery was eventually sold by the Count to Allgäu Brauhaus in the 1930s.

Mohren 3 Drinking room 1Another brother, Fridolin Härle went on to the Königsegger Walderbräu in Königseggwald, not far away. This brewery is still brewing and is run today by descendent Martin Härle.

A further brother Reinhart Härle went to Waldshut on the Rheine and worked at the Waldschloss-Brauerei overlooking the river.

This finished in the 1920s but a record of this is preserved in the pub in the form of a framed advertisement.

Mohren 7 Boars headThe last brother was Clemens Härle who leased the small Schlossbrauerei at Bad Wurzach. Unfortunately it burnt down in 1895 so he moved to Leutkirch and bought the estate of the Mohren brewery. He built the brewery in 1897 and it is still with us today operated under the same name by Gottfried Härle.

Mohren 5 Gold beerToday the brewery produces about 29,000 hectolitres of beer per annum. They supply about 250 pubs in this area and in Bavaria. About 28% of the production is draught beer, which is high, as a large amount is consumed at home from bottles. In fact they still maintain their home delivery service and today it accounts for about 6% of total production.

The pub, Zum Mohren, is an absolute classic. On entering through the porched doorway you find the Speiseraum (Restaurant) on the right and to the left is the Schänke (Public bar), where of course, I and compatriot imbibers Patrick, Russell and Vaughan decanted.

Mohren 6 Landzungle beerWe faced a choice of Pilsener (4.6%), Gold (5.0%), Feine Weisse (5.1%), Clemens-Spezial (5.2%) and Landzungle. The latter was introduced as recently as 2007 and it's an unfiltered organic beer. Two of our party had this beer and the other two consumed Gold.

We were all in agreement that the beers were superb. We would have liked to have spent the whole day here sinking into oblivion but there was another pub to visit and our train was not going to wait for us.

This pub is very comfortable and had, as a wall decoration, a gigantic Boar's head. I would have like to have seen that beast in the wild.

As mentioned previously, there is a full food menu and it is also a hotel and has rooms at reasonable rates.

Important Information:

Brauereigasthof Mohren, Wangener Strasse 1, Leutkirch 88299.

Open: Wednesday to Monday 09.00-14.00; 17.30-24.00. Closed Tuesday.

The pub is about ten minutes walk from Leutkirch station which is served by a two-hourly train service from Ulm and Memmingen to Aulendorf. Connections can be from these trains to other destinations.

Update October 2017. Hours: Monday / Wednesday to Thursday: 09.00-14.00 / 17.30-22.00;
Friday: 17.30-22.00; Saturday to Sunday: 09.00-14.00 / 18.00-22.00; Tuesday: Closed.