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Friday 17th September 2010

Bob Thompson

Rossle 1 BuildingI left Brauerei Zum Schwert and crossed over a small steam named Schmiech, a tributary of the Danube, and into the main part of the town. I walked along Hauptstrasse to my next destination at number 171. Despite its name, it must have been a very long time since this was the main street of the town, as its name implies.

The Brauerei Rössle first brewed in 1663 and has been in the hands of the Buckenmaier family ever since. I passed the brewery itself and went up the internal stairs of the building next to the first floor bar area. There were three beers: Dunkel-Extra (5.0%), Spezial-Hell (5.2%) and Edel-Ross (5.2%), a half-dark beer. I had the Hell and, although I liked the flavour, I was disappointed by the amount of gas in it and wished I had a bit more time to try the others. I hope to rectify that some time in the future.

Important Information:

Brauerei Rössle, Hauptstrasse 171, Ehingen 89684

Open: Monday to Friday 09.00-24.00; Saturday 09.00-20.00; Sunday 10.00-12.30

It would have taken around fifteen minutes to walk directly from the station which is served by Regional and Regional Express trains running from Ulm to the Black Forest area.
Local buses also start and terminate in front of the railway station.

Update October 2017. Hours: Monday to Friday: 09.00-24.00; Saturday: 09.00-20.00; Sunday: Closed.