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Sophies 1Thursday 3rd January 2013

Bob Thompson

The name of this pub is nothing to do with the owner or former owner. It is a play on words as one side of this corner pub is located on Sophienstrasse with the other on Marienstrasse. It was established in 1993 and is actually on the first floor with the entrance concealed amongst the plethora of bright neon signs of the many take-away shops at ground level.

Upstairs you'll find a surprisingly spacious pub that has a central bar with seating all around. On one side the gleaming copper of the brewery looks over the room. Most of the places are tables with full service but there is an area near to the brewing equipment that is dedicated to those who just want a drink.

Sophies 2There are places for around 250 customers but luckily there were lot less than that this evening. As can be imagined food is fairly important given the city centre location. I didn't eat but had a brief conversation with a customer from Texas who had just consumed the ribs which he said were the best he had eaten on this side of the Atlantic and he should know, I suppose.

I noticed that Thursday was a dedicated USA night, hence the ribs, and that the other days of the week were given over to various themes involving food and / or drink. There were also special offers on weekday lunchtimes. However, to the beers, as that was what I was here for. After all, it is a Brauhaus! There were three regulars on offer: Hausbier Helles (Light) (5.0%), Schwarzbier (Black) (5.0%) and Hefeweizen (Wheat) (5.2%).

Sophies 3I started with the Schwarzbier and liked it a lot. It had a very nice balance of dark malts with a slight bitterness. I was not so taken with the Helles as it had very little bitterness and was gassier than the other beers. I didn't have the Hefeweizen, so cannot comment.

However there was another beer as they have a seasonal offering. Appropriately it was Weihnachtsbier (Christmas beer). It was quite light in colour and had a smooth biscuit-like taste with a dry finish; a great way to finish.

Apart from the normal sized glasses the beers are also offered in 1.5 litre pitchers at a reduced pro-rata price. The pub often hosts special events in the calendar when there is music with a DJ. Sophie's is well worth a visit should you be in Stuttgart.

Important Information:

Sophie's, Marienstrasse 28, Stuttgart-Mitte, 70178. Tel: 0711 610952

Open September to May: Monday to Thursday 11.30-01.00;
Friday and Saturday 11.30-02.00; Sunday 10.00-24.00

Open June to August: Monday to Thursday 16.00-01.00;
Friday and Saturday 11.30-02.00; Sunday 10.00-24.00

U-Bahn (Underground): Stadtmitte-Rotebühlplatz station, on lines U2, U4 and U14,
is about five minutes from the pub, and it is connected to the S-Bahn station, see next.

Stadtmitte station on the S-Bahn (Suburban railway) is on lines S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 and S6
and is also around five minutes walk from Sophie's.

Update October 2017. These hours apply all year round.
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 11.30-00.30; Friday to Saturday: 11.30-01.00; Sunday: 11.30-22.00.