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Pub Visit - Germany

Friday 4th January 2013

Bob Thompson

Wichel 1Although this pub is out of the city centre it is easy to get to, and is well worth the short journey. Its building started life in 1922 as the machine house of the Roser Leather factory. It has been a brew-pub since 1989, one of very few back then.

Inside there are a few reminders of its past life with a large overhead crane dominating the main hall. It was given the equivalent of listed building status in 2002.

Wichel 2On entering, the first thing you notice is the shiny brewery itself, as it is right in the middle of the room. Seats and tables are arranged around it and there is another complete level above.

The pub is bright and airy with the service area on the right as you go in. There is a further area of the brewery as the conditioning tanks are in the basement and are visible through glass when you visit the WCs.

The food menu is a bit different here than that of most other brew-pubs and taps in the city. There is little condescension to the local Swabian cuisine and the main focus is on pizzas, although there are also schnitzels along with sausage and cheese based snacks.

There are just two standard beers: Pils and Hefe Weizen. The latter is a dark version of the style. This brewery does not provide the abv of their usual beers but looking at the original gravities, which are given, they are around 5.0%.

Wichel 3
I had two beers and the first was a seasonal and in consequence was considerably stronger than the regulars. It was Winterbock at 6.5% and was brewed with Münchner malts and Hallertauer hops. It had a smooth malty body and a very slightly bitter aftertaste.

I then tried the Pils and liked it very much. It was very bitter indeed and had a lovely dry finish; absolutely superb! Although I didn't try the Hefe Weizen the two beers I did have were excellent. I rate this pub highly.

Important information:

Wichtel, Stuttgarter Strasse 21, Stuttgart-Feuerbach, 70469. Tel: 0711 8205 1690

Open: Sunday to Thursday 11.00-24.00; Friday and Saturday 11.00-01.00

The pub is less than ten minutes from Feuerbach station which is served by the S-Bahn (Suburban railway) with lines S4, S5 and S6. You can also get there on the U-Bahn (Metro) using lines U6, U7, U13 and U15. Exiting from the S-Bahn station you will see a foot crossing to your left over the U-Bahn tracks at the end of the platforms. Cross the tracks and continue along Kremser Strasse to the junction with Stuttgarter Strasse; turn right. You will see the large OBI home and garden superstore on the other side.
At the first pedestrian crossing, cross over. Continue in the same direction and you will soon see the pub across a car park.

Update October 2017. Hours: Monday to Thursday: 11.00-24.00; Friday-Saturday: 11.00-01.00; Sunday/Holiday: 11.00-23.00.