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Hallerndorf (Kreuzberg), Bayern (Bavaria):
Lieberth’s Keller

Lieberths1aSunday 23rd October 2016

Bob Thompson

This is the smallest of the three bierkellers on the top of the Kreuzberg hill. The beer is brewed in its shadow down in Hallerndorf at the Brauerei Lieberth. Later that day I visited their pub which is next door to the brewery. Please see a separate article on that in BeerVisits. On the outskirts of that village they have a second bierkeller, known as Lieberth’s Dorfkeller.

It may be the smallest here yet I thought it was the best. Only the width of a path separates it from Rittmayer’s Keller. I was befriended by a white dog who seemed to know the way and so I followed it, and it did. I thought briefly about settling outside in the biergarten itself but on the top of a hill towards the end of October it tends to get cold quite quickly, and it certainly was.

Lieberths2The small half-timbered building had a roofed veranda at the front which had a bar counter with a beer tap. Obviously, this is the main point of sale, self-service being the norm in biergartens.

However I noticed a corridor alongside the left of the structure. I opened a door on my right and discover a delightful little room at the back with views out to the forest.

This is known as the Kellerhaus. It is very welcoming and I was impressed by the warmth coming from the ceramic-clad stove, just what I wanted at that time.

The stove is half way along one wall between the entrance door and the kitchen door. In front of was a large oval table and there were another five rectangular versions around the other walls.

The tables were all of polished wood and all had fresh flowers on them. This room is both cosy yet light and airy at the same time, with windows on three sides. It accommodates just forty-two customers. I can imagine what it is like in winter after you have ploughed your way up the hill, especially on the steep forested side, possibly in the snow, and push the door open and are then greeted with this warm and comfortable atmosphere. It must be very satisfying.

Lieberths3Whilst I didn’t eat here I thought the menu was very good. There was the usual bierkeller fare with schnitzels, sausages along with a massive array of cold meats and cheese with bread. However on Sundays they push the boat out a bit with roasts like Schäuferla which is the local Franconian slow-cooked pork shoulder.

Now, there is not much to say about the beer except to say that it is very good. It is unfiltered and is known as Lieberth’s Kellerbier (4.8%). If fact they only brew one other draught beer under their own name, Lieberth’s Lagerbier (5.0%). They also produce a Pils (4.8%) which goes into bottles.

Lieberth’s Keller is yet another reason to take a walk up to the top of Kreuzberg.

Important Information:

Lieberth’s Keller, Kreuzberg, 91352 Hallerndorf. Tel: 09545 70746

Hours: May-September: Monday-Friday 16.00-23.00 (15.00 in good weather);
Saturday-Sunday/holiday: 11.30-23.00

October-April: Friday-Saturday 16.00-23.00; Sunday/holiday 11.30-23.00;
Monday-Thursday: Closed

Bus 265 is from Forchheim ZOB (Zentral Omnibus Bahnhof-Central Bus Station) next to the railway station. Monday to Friday it is approximately hourly until 20.00. Saturday it runs hourly to 19.00.
On Sunday there are five journeys every two hours from approximately 10.00 to 18.00.

At the end of its route it does a circle through the villages in an anti-clockwise direction. Schnaid is the first stop after Hallerndorf. From the stop walk back in the direction the bus has come from.
Go out of the village and take the first right turn. By now you will see your destination on top of the hill.
Continue to the valley bottom and turn left and then right. You are now on the climb up the hill.
At the top pass the chapel on your right, cross the car park and all three bierkellers should now be in view.

Update 2020. Hours: may be closed during November, check with pub before travelling.