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Wednesday 15th May 2013

Muller 1 BeermatBob Thompson

Whilst there was a small break in activities in Bamberg I decided to do a quick trip out of town to visit this small country brewery. I hopped on the 912 bus for a fifteen minute journey to the pub and brewery. Debring is a very small village on the road from Bamberg to Würzburg. It is now part of the larger village of Stegaurach. Both are just outside of the Bamberg city boundaries with Debring being about 5 kms from the city centre.

Muller 2The brewery is said to have been founded in 1699. However there is another date quoted and that is 1783. I have absolutely no proof of this, but I think the main building, or at least part of it, looks as if it dates from about then.

Such a large building as this in a small village, notwithstanding the fact that it's on a main road between two cities, appears to indicate it was more likely to have been built about, or later, than 1783. One thing that can be concluded with reasonable certainty though, is that it once accommodated travellers.

In 1872 the Müller family purchased the brewery and tavern, giving it its present-day name, and they have been in control ever since.

Muller 3Entering the building through the main door I noticed rooms left and right with the kitchen and beer service area on the left further down the corridor. Beyond here I could see yet another comfortably furnished room on the right. The whole pub appeared to be empty, yet I could hear voices so I kept on going. I went down a few steps and turned left in to a small beer garden. As it was a nice day (at least it was, then) all the customers were here.

Muller 4There was a choice of four beers: Debringer Pilsner (5.2%), Dunkles Vollbier (5.2%) (dark lager), Micherla (5.2%) (unfiltered Zwickl-type beer) and Weissbier (5.2%) (wheat beer). There is one further beer brewed in the winter months and that is Bock (7.5%).

All the beers now have the generic title of Debringer which prefixes the name. This is a relatively recent change as they were previously all known as Müller beers. In fact, one of the first things I noticed was the new exterior signs on the pub, which were different to those when I visited a few years back.

I started with the dark Vollbier and must say I was very impressed, as it had just the right of malt taste contrasting with a well-balanced hop flavour. I really liked the Pilsner as well. Not really a Pilsner, even in the dry German style, but nevertheless a good Hell bier with a slightly bitter finish.

Muller 5The brew house is separate from the main building and I thought, at first, that I might like to walk into the courtyard to get a photograph of it from another angle. However the sight of a rather large German Shepherd dog affixed by wire to an overhead line completely deterred me. Even though Wolfy was asleep I had no wish to disturb him, although he did have his photograph taken.

Have a look at the photograph above right and you can see the three hop bines on the outside of the building that have just started their journey to the roof.

The brewery produces just under 1,000 hectolitres per annum. It's mostly sold in the pub and by home delivery which is made on Friday to locations within 25 kilometres of Debring.

There is a full menu including many Franconian dishes but the real speciality of the house is carp which is served in many different ways. This is reflected in the outside sign which displays an image of that fish. This pub is easy to get to from Bamberg and should be on every beer visitor's itinerary.

Important Information:

Brauerei-Gasthof Müller, Würzburger Strasse 1, Debring 96135

Open: Tuesday to Sunday 11.00-23.00. Monday: closed. Kitchen open: 11.00-21.00

Debring is served by Bamberg city bus route 912 stating at the ZOB (Central Bus Station) and also calling at the Schranne stop in the Old Town. It runs hourly till 18.00, Monday to Sunday.
There are two late journeys but they are run in connection with a night bus route 937, so you must refer to the timetable for more details. It is available on line.
The bus stops outside the Franken Hotel and to get to the brewery and pub just walk on down the hill and you will soon see it on the right.

Update October 2017. Hours: Monday: Closed; Tuesday to Wednesday: 11.00-14.00/16.30-23.00;
Thursday: 16.30-23.00; Friday-Saturday: 11.00-23.00; Sunday: 10.00-23.00.