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Dörfleins, Bayern (Bavaria):
Brauerei Schwarzer Adler / Brauerei Eichhorn

Adler 1Wednesday 9th April 2014

Bob Thompson

The title of this brewery is a little confusing as both of the names shown above are correct. The more common name seen is Eichhorn as that is the name on the bottle labels and the draught fonts in the pubs. However, if you look closely at the exterior view photograph of the pub it clearly states Brauerei Schwarzer Adler (Black Eagle Brewery). The pub is definitely known as the Schwarzer Adler.

Adler 2The strangest thing about it having two names is that when it first opened its doors in 1870 it was the Schwarzer Adler and it was founded by Adolf Eichhorn, so its dual personality has been there for its entire existence. It is also remarkable that it should remain in the hands of the same family for such a long time.

I arrived by bus and it was pleasing to note that the stop was adjacent to the pub. The entrance is at the side of the building with access from the yard. On the opposite side of this is the brewery building.

Adler 3Once inside the entrance hall I was confronted by a lovely wooden reception window with frosted glass. The way in to the main room is to the right of this. This is known as the "Schenke" and is used by customers from the small biergarten at the rear.

Later, whilst exploring I found that the left door led to a "Nebenzimmer" (side room) that is used for meetings, parties or as overflow space. In one corner there was a beautiful old "Kachelofen", a traditional tiled wood-burning stove. This particular example is very ornate and could possibly date from the pub's beginnings in 1870.

Adler 4The main room is very attractive with wood panelling to head height with a frieze painted on the walls above this; the side room is decorated in a similar fashion. The table tops are light-coloured scrubbed pine and the chairs are of a darker varnished wood.

There is a small service area facing towards the room and pot plants enhance the window shelves.

Adler 5There were three draught beers offered when I visited and they were Pils (5.0%), Weizen (5.3%) and Kellerbier (5.0%). The latter is the most popular and is served in a ceramic krug. I thought it was wonderful having just the right amount of bitterness for this type beer. The Pils was also extremely good.

From October to March they offer Bockbier (7.3%). The brewery used to offer an Export at 5.0% but that doesn't seem to be available these days.

The menu consists of Franconian favourites. It seems to mention almost every type of sausage, meat and cheese from the area. I enjoyed my trip out to the Schwarzer Adler and would like to visit again.

Important Information:

Brauerei Schwarzer Adler (Eichhorn), Dörfleinser Strasse 43, 96103 Dörfleins. Tel: 0951 75660

Open: Tuesday-Wednesday 09.00-23.00; Thursday 09.00-19.00; Friday-Sunday 09.00-23.00.
Monday: Closed.

The pub is right by the Dörfleins Mitte bus stop, which is served by buses 904 and 952 Monday to Saturday. The 904 runs about every hour from Bamberg ZOB (Zentral Omnibus Bahnhof / Central Bus Station) to Dorfleins but take care in choosing the right one as some go to a different destination other than Dorfleins.

The 952 is much less frequent; it runs from Bamberg railway station and some services continue to Oberhaid, which has a brewery and a railway station, so it could be useful.

Update October 2017. Hours: Monday: Closed; Tuesday-Wednesday/Friday/Sunday: 09.00-23.00;
Thursday: 09.00-19.00; Saturday: 09.00-20.00.