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Nürnberg, Bayern (Bavaria):
Landbierparadies (Wodanstrasse)

Landbierparadeis Wodanstrasse 1

Sunday 9th August 2015

Bob Thompson

”Country Beer Paradise” is the translation of the name of this pub. It’s a theme pub in the best possible way with the theme being draught beer from a wooden barrel. It is one of a small chain of three, there were a few more once upon a time. The concept is very simple. Take a basic pub, stick a wooden barrel of beer from a small country brewery on the bar and serve in it in old-fashioned stone mugs (krugs) of 0.5l or 1.0l.

There is a bit more than that of course, but not a lot more. As there is only one beer on the bar at any one time, the cask offering is backed up by a wide range of bottled beers from the Franconian hinterland. They only have one beer at a time so that it stays cool. The barrel is normally of 30 or 50 litres so, at busy times, it is changed regularly. The next beer on is normally from a different brewery.

Landbierparadeis Wodanstrasse 2The beers are selected from up to 50 breweries located in the Franconian countryside, mostly from small villages with some only selling draught beer at their brewery taps, and also at Landbierparadeis, of course.

The style of beer is constantly changing as the barrel is replaced with another. It could be a standard Hell beer or Dunkel (dark) or possibly a Zwickl beer (unfiltered). There are many more types of beer in this area.

Landbierparadeis Wodanstrasse 3It was a Sunday evening when myself, Rich, Russ, Trev and Steve walked in. I glanced up at the blackboard on the wall and saw that the beer of the moment was Brauerei Eichhorn Kellerbier (5.0%) an unfiltered bitter beer.

In its home pub, the Schwarzer Adler (Black Eagle) it is also served in a krug. It is the most popular beer of this small brewery of Dorfleins, near to Bamberg. Please see article in BeerVisits for more information.

This pub has three separate sections. As you enter there is an area in front of the bar, really just a service area for the waiting staff, there are some tall tables for standing patrons. This space holds about 15 drinkers.

On the right of the bar is a door that leads to a room that holds around 50. Smoking is permitted in here as in Bavaria it is only allowed in closed designated rooms like this. It has a television for sporting events.

Landbierparadeis Wodanstrasse 4The main room has a capacity of 90 customers and is quite basic. Furniture is wooden, the tables are uncovered and there is pine panelling up the walls to overhead height. Along the top of this are hundreds of krugs, maybe put there just in case they run out? Hop bines hang from the ceiling and with the wooden floors create a very rustic feeling, which is just fine.

Landbierparadeis started in 1986 as a specialist drinks market. These are found all over Germany and offer beers at amazing prices. They are no frills and you generally have to buy a crate of twelve. They are a bit like a Cash and Carry that can be used by all. This one was created by Joachim Glawe to bring the beers of the country to the drinkers of the metropolis that is Nürnberg.

Landbierparadeis Wodanstrasse 5In 1994 he decided to bring the concept to the pub scene and this pub opened. It was followed in 1996 by another in Rothenburger Strasse. Please see a BeerVisits article on this pub. Sadly it closed shortly after we visited in 2010, but I have left it on the website for historical reasons. Next was the 2001 opening of one in Galvinistrasse which sadly closed its doors in 2011. Next on the agenda was the Sternzinger Strasse outlet, opened in 2002, which is still with us and finally the one in Fürth the same year, see BeerVisits article.

Food is limited to cold dishes on Saturday and Sunday. In addition there are Franconian roast dishes offered on Sundays and Holidays from 12.00 to 17.39. This is a great pub if you like beer and you shouldn’t be reading this if you don’t! This one is simple to get to from central Nürnberg, no more than a six minute tram ride from the Hauptbahnhof (Main Station), so there is no excuse if you are in the city.

Important Information:

Landbierparadeis, Wodanstrasse 15, 90461 Nürnberg. Tel: 0911 468 882

Open: Monday-Thursday 17.30-01.00; Friday 14.00-01.00;
Saturday 12.00-01.00; Sunday/Holiday 11.00-01.00

The best way to get here is the No 9 tram. There used to be another route but that seems to have finished, I hope not permanently, but I fear the worst. It takes just 4 minutes from the Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) to the Wodanstrasse stop. When you alight continue in the direction of travel, cross to the left of the road. Turn left into Wodanstrasse. About 100 metres on the left you will see the foaming glass sign of the pub.

Update January 2020. Hours on Sunday/Holidays are now: 10.00-01.00. Other days remain the same.
There are two other branches of this small pub chain. Please see