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München (Munich), Bayern (Bavaria):
Ayinger Wirtshaus am Platzl

Thursday 30th July 2015

Ayinger1Bob Thompson

This lovely pub is located in what must be regarded as the “beer quarter” of the city; right in the centre and it is one of more than ten classic beer halls and pubs that are within 300-400 metres of the Marienplatz. Diagonally opposite the world-famous Hofbrauhaus it gets just a fraction of the visitors that establishment attracts. It is, of course, much smaller but is most definitely perfectly formed.

Aying is about 25 kms south of Munich and is an ancient village (1,200 years old). There, the brewery tap, which is a couple of streets away from the brewery, is a beautiful place to eat and drink. I visited it around 30 years ago and that was notable when, passing a sports field, a footballer broke his leg. No sooner had we settled in with our beers, the air ambulance had landed on the pitch to remove the injured player; it had taken around 15 minutes, very commendable!

Ayinger2The brewery was founded in 1878 and remained very small for a very long time, serving local villages in its hinterland. The major change to its fortunes came during the aftermath of the Second World War when the small brewery invested a lot of money in the Platzl.

The buildings surrounding the small square were declared unsafe in the early 1950s because of the damage sustained by allied bombing. This was when Ayinger moved in, purchasing a site for a hotel and also a restaurant.

This was consolidated in 2000 when the building that now accommodates the Wirtshaus was purchased and the pub opened. It has always been a bone of contention that only breweries located in the city of Munich are allowed to be represented at the Oktoberfest. During the weeks that it on Ayinger organise alternative events in the city.

Ayinger3As I approached the pub I noticed the packed outside seating area underneath the green brewery parasols. I was expecting the worst as I entered the building.

However, nothing to worry about as it was empty. This I appreciated as it enabled me to photograph the magnificent interior.

This is reminiscent of a 1930s Ocean Liner. The walls are covered with wood panelling but this is not of the ordinary kind found in Bavarian pubs.

The panelling here is made up of many different woods and extends to ceiling height, it is very classy. The wooden furniture is also designed to match. I settled on a stool at the bar and looked around. There was one thing missing since I last visited this pub; the wooden barrel of beer on the bar. I had to have the normal stuff from the tap. However, I later learned that it is only there from 17.00. So please be warned.

Ayinger4That neatly leads me on to the beers available. It was a good selection and consisted of Jahnhundert Bier (5.5%), a strong Helles bier first brewed in 1978 to celebrate the brewery’s 100th anniversary.

There was also: Premium Pils (5.0%)’ Lager Hell (4.9%), Altbairisch Dunkel (5.0%) (dark) and Kellerbier (4.9%) (unfiltered).

To add to these there two draught wheat beers: Hefeweissbier (5.1%) and Ur-Weizen Dunkel (5.8%) (dark).

This is a beautiful pub in the centre of the city that, on this occasion at least, was an oasis from the hustle and bustle outside. Naturally there is a full menu including many Bavarian specialities; definitely recommended.

Important Information:

Ayinger Wirtshaus am Platz, Am Platz 1A, 80331 München. Tel: 089 2370 3666

Open: Monday-Sunday 11.00-01.00
Kitchen open: Monday-Sunday 11.00-23.30

Easy to find in the centre of the old city. From Marienplatz station, exit from the S-Bahn platform (S-Bahn) if coming from Hauptbahnhof (Main station) at the south easterly end.

Walk through the arch into Tal. Turn left in front of the Weissesbrauhaus. Continue for a short distance, turn right then left. Walk past the Hofbrauhaus on the right and you will find the pub on the left.

Marienplatz station is served by S1-S4, S6 and S8.
It is also served by U-Bahn lines U3 and U6.

Update January 2020. Hours are now: Monday-Thursday: 11.00-24.00;
Friday-Saturday: 11.00-01.00; Sunday: 11.00-23.00.

Kitchen open: Monday-Saturday: 11.00-23.00; Sunday: 11.00-22.00.