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Pub Visit - Germany

Monday 19th September 2016

Bob Thompson

Mainlust1Most Franconian country breweries have long and interesting histories reflecting the many changes over hundreds of years. Well, although the Brauerei Mainlust is not young it does not have a great deal to tell of its existence over the years since being founded in 1848. The answer to this conundrum is simple because back then it was founded by Ludwig Bayer and now is, six generations later, still in the hands of his ancestors.

Interestingly the sole draught beer is a hark back to older times. They call it Fassbier (draught beer), yet it is a Märzen beer. These were once brewed in March, hence the name, and matured all summer to miraculously appear in the autumn at harvest time, but here now brewed year-round.

Mainlust2It’s medium brown in colour, in appearance unlike the usual light lagers found in some brewery pubs around here.

This style of beer was relatively commonplace until about thirty years ago.

I can remember when the Munich Oktoberfest sold genuine Märzen from the gigantic wooden barrels, now they contain a different beer known as Oktoberfestbier, which is not so strong, not matured as long, yet still quite powerful.

The pub-brewery is in the village of Viereth which is on the banks of the River Main which, closer to its junction with the Rhine, flows through Frankfurt.

Mainlust3The name Mainlust could very loosely be translated as Main Pleasure. I must say that a visit here is a pleasure as the beer is very good.

Viereth has a twin in the neighbouring village of Trunstadt, a little further from Bamberg. Collectively they are known as Trunstadt-Viereth and that is the way you will find them listed.

I arrived on the 995 bus which has stops conveniently close by. It was a very rainy day but the brewery has a commanding position in the centre of the village and can’t be missed.

The pub itself is a quite beautiful half-timbered building. Inside I turned left into the main room which was quite small. It was very busy; it seems this pub is very popular at lunchtimes.

Mainlust4The service counter was on my right and on it was a wooden barrel. Not all it seems though, as I noticed two keg-type taps sticking out of it. Yes, it is false, yet I don’t want to give the wrong impression regarding the beer as it actually had very little artificial carbonation, if any.

The room has a bench seat that is cushioned around all four walls and in front were five loose tables with a lot of chairs.

I have mentioned that it was busy and this was evident because they had opened a nebenzimmer (side room) beyond which seemed to be entirely laid out for diners.

There was also another large room that wasn’t being used on this occasion (see photograph, below). In the lobby there was an old green-painted hand bottling machine.

Mainlust5As mentioned before, there is just one draught beer, which is excellent. However they do offer two bottled beers from the brewery around the back.

One is a Helles (light) and the other is an unfiltered Zwickel bier which is cloudy as there is still yeast remaining in it. Also available is a wheat beer from the Göller brewery.

They have their own farm and there is a wide range of sausages, ham and cold meats available. They bake their own bread and full meals are offered. On Sundays upstairs you can have goose, roasts and game.

All in all this is a great pub to visit even if you are only going to have the one house-brewed beer.

Important Information:

Brau-Gastätte Mainlust, Haupstrasse 9, Viereith 96191. Tel: 0950 37444

Tuesday-Thursday: 06.00-24.00; Saturday-Monday: 08.00-24.00; Friday: Closed

The 995 bus serves Viereth and is not very frequent. Probably six journeys Monday to Friday, some only on Schooldays. Only two on Saturdays that are of any use, none on Sunday. The timetable is on the internet. Most journeys start from Bamberg station forecourt but some begin in Markusplatz in the city.