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hansens brauerei 1 buildingTuesday 21st September 2010

Bob Thompson

Flensburg is an interesting border town that has a fascinating history. In more recent times, it was part of Denmark until 1864, when it was ceded to the Kingdom of Prussia. This situation did not last long as, in 1871, Prussia became part of the newly formed country of Germany, as a founding member and as its largest constituent. It is now the furthest north of any large towns in Germany and its current population is just under 90,000.

hansens brauerei 2 terraceIt happened that I had a few hours here so, with a few like-minded imbibers, I made my way by bus from the railway station to the harbour where, on the quayside, we found Hansen's brewery (see photo).

It is a modern brewery, one of the many established in the 1990s and 2000s. This particular example dates from 1990.

hansens brauerei 3 breweryThe main room is quite large with the gleaming copper of the brewery overlooking the drinkers from the far end of the room. Please note from the photograph that on the far side of the brewing equipment is the oven with large amounts of chickens turning, rotisserie style. I personally didn't eat but those that did were favourably impressed. Surprisingly, considering the town's location on Flensburger Fjord which leads to the Baltic Sea, there wasn't a lot of fish on the menu. Strange, considering that it is a major fishing port, especially for herring.

hansens brauerei 4 steam ship alexandraWhat about the beer, I hear. Well, yes it was OK in the modern German "new wave" style, unfiltered and cloudy but very gassy. It is this aspect of many modern brewpubs in this country that I do take issue with. The beers don't have to contain so much gas. Three beers were on offer: Pilsener (5.2%), Schwarzbier (5.2%) and Weizenbier (5.2%). I had the first two and thought they were well crafted and would have been fine without the fizz. They also brew a few seasonals: Maibock, Oktoberfestbier and Regattabier (an ale brewed for the event).

Apart from my reservations noted above, I thought this was a good visit and I would come back again. It would be nice in warmer weather as there is a large terrace at the front overlooking the harbour and the berth of the steam ship Alexandra, which makes regular trips down the Fjord and into the Baltic Sea (see photo).

Important Information:

Hansen's Brauerei, Schiffebrücke 16, Flensburg. Tel: 0461 22210

Open: Monday to Thursday 11.30-01.00; Friday and Saturday 11.30-02.00;
Sunday: 11.30-24.00. Food: Daily 11.30-22.30.

About twenty-five minutes walk from Flensburg station, frequent buses.