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Düsseldorf-Altstadt, Nordrhein-Westfalen:
Uerige Treff im Carsch-Haus

Carsch Haus 1Monday 20th January 2014

Bob Thompson

Micropubs are a recent phenomenon in England and we are very grateful for their emergence. However, an example abroad? Well this is one, as it can hold around 20 drinkers, has two small "mushroom" type tables and a shelf around the wall. It has a very interesting location as it is in the food hall basement of a departmental store.

Carsch Haus 2The store is the Carsch-Haus in Düsseldorf's Altstadt (Old Town). The basement is known as "Delikatessa" and offers all kinds of food, hot and cold, to eat in or take away, from throughout the world, and it is a perfect location for micropub. The pub is easily found, as the entrance door is surmounted by half an unturned brewing copper.

The pub is owned by Uerige brewery which is only a few hundred metres from here. Uerige is one of the city's traditional old breweries, being founded in 1862. I believe this pub opened during the mid-2000s and its title translates as the Uerige meeting place in the Carsch-Haus.

Carsch Haus 3
The brewery has established two other pubs in the neighbouring towns of Mulheim and Oberhausen.

The bartender was sitting in this entrance reading a newspaper and I soon realised why, as I had entered an empty pub. It gave a chance to look around, not there is much to see! The decor is an attempt to recreate the interior of the beer hall attached to the brewery. I have to say that it is very convincing. There is a row of old tiles around the wall with mottos inscribed on them and a long continuous shelf above.

Carsch Haus 4
The stained glass windows give the impression they have the outside world behind them, but are just cleverly illuminated.

A further similarity with the head office is the oak barrel on the bar. This contains Uerige Alt (4.5%), the city's famous dark beer. Altbier achieves its wonderful bitter flavour through an interesting process. It is pitched with top-fermenting yeast, like ale and undergoes its first fermentation. It is then pumped into closed tanks to go through its secondary fermentation for three to four weeks, so it ends up maturing like a lager beer.

Carsch Haus 5They also sell bottles of Uerige Weizenbier (wheat beer) and an unfiltered version of the Alt. This is rather exclusive as it is only available here and at the main brewery.

There are a few non-alcoholic beverages such as mineral water, apple juice and shandy. There is also snack food offered in the form of these Rhineland specialities: Leberwurst (Liver Sausage), Flöns (Black Pudding) and Käse Schnittchen (Slices of Cheese).

This is great little bar that should be on every Düsseldorf visitor's bucket list.

Important information:

Uerige Treff im Carsch Haus, Heinrich-Heine-Platz, Düsseldorf 40213. Tel: 0211 866990

Open: Monday-Friday 10.00-18.00; Saturday 10.00-16.00. Sunday: Closed.
Please note that the Delikatessa food hall remains open later than the pub.

The Uerige Treff could not be more central. It is next to Heirich-Heine-Allee station and tram stop. This is served by trams 703, 706, 712, 713 and 715. U-Bahn lines are U70, U74, U75, U76, U77, U78 and U79.

Should you arrive by tram there is an escalator going down to the basement of the store. Enter though the glass door and bear right, you should soon see the pub.

If you arrive by U-Bahn, don't go to the surface just to the mezzanine level where the ticket machines are. There you will find an entrance to the food hall; walk through to the pub.