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Joh Albrecht 1Monday 20th January 2014

Bob Thompson

It was a very cold windy and wet evening when I walked from the bus stop towards this pub. It is one of a small chain of five brew pubs dotted around the country. BeerVisits has previously visited the outlet in Hamburg and there are others in Soltau, Bielefeld and Konstanz. The pubs are owned by the Johann Albrecht company whose main business is manufacturing breweries so these pubs are ideal showrooms for the products.

They started business in 1989 and the first installation was in their own Hamburg outlet that opened in March 1990. They have continued to expand and export complete breweries throughout the globe. Their factory and head quarters are in nearby Dortmund. The firm achieved a major breakthrough in 2001 when they unveiled a brewery made of glass. This enables guests in pubs and restaurants to actually observe the brewing process as it happens. So, should you see glass brewery somewhere in the world, you will know where it came from.

Joh Albrecht 2This particular pub has been at this location for quite a long time as I remember visiting it over fifteen years ago. It is set back from the road at the end of a yard. On the left of this is the distillery of Schmittmann with its loading bay. This is well known in Northern Germany for its Düsseldorfer Korn (Schnapps) and Kirsch (Cherry Schnapps) although nowadays there are many other flavours including Mint and Crocus. They even produce a Gin. Their products are available in the pub; in fact it is their Stammhaus (roughly: official outlet).

On the right side of the pub there is a large glass extension which is the restaurant part of the pub. It is a bit like an atrium as there are lots of plants. This is where the gleaming copper brewery is to be found. The bar is on the left of the main room and faces out three ways with the middle section for waiting staff and on one side it takes on a semi-circular shape. Some of the walls, bar and all the furniture are made of varnished wood and it all presents a very attractive look and a welcoming feeling.

Joh Albrecht 3There are four beer taps and these are enclosed in small representations of a brewing copper, very unusual. I sat at small mushroom shaped table opposite the bar and perused the menu; for beer rather food.

The normal selection in their pubs is three beers and these are Messing (Bronze) a hell (light) beer with medium bitterness, also Kupfer (Copper) a dunkel (dark) beer that is quite heavy on the malt. The last of the three was Altbier, the indigenous style of Düsseldorf, and this is what I had.

There is normally a special seasonal brew and here it appeared to be Weizen (wheat), which is a permanent member of the range in the other pubs. I liked the Altbier a lot, even it was the only example consumed that evening that was not dispensed directly from the cask. One disappointment though, and that was because it was only served in 0.2l glasses. The standard measure in the city's pubs is 0.25l.

This is a really nice pub and is well worth the journey from the Altstadt, especially as there are other pubs to visit on the way.

Important Information:

Joh. Albrecht, Niederkasselerstrasse 102, Düsseldorf 40547. Tel: 0211 169020

Open: Monday-Saturday 12.00-22.30; Sunday 12.00-22.00

The pub is served by the 833 bus. This starts and finishes at Belsenplatz and runs at 20 minute frequency during most of the day. At Belsenplatz please note that the bus stop is in Quirinstrasse. The stop to get off at is Heinsbergstrasse. If coming from Belsenplatz keep walking from the stop in the same direction as the bus and the pub is about 100 metres further on.

Belsenplatz has a very good service from the city centre on the U-Bahn routes:
U70, U74, U75, U76 and U77.