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Dresden-Laubegast, Sachsen (Saxony):
Zum Gerücht (Hausbrauerei Laubegast)

Gerucht 1Friday 11th April 2014

Bob Thompson

Zum Gerücht (The Rumour) is a lovely little pub restaurant that has been going since 1992, soon after re-unification. It has much charm but what makes it special is that it is the tap of the Hausbrauerei Laubegast. This was set up in 2008 by Thomas Böhme who runs the restaurant. It is located in what once was a ballet school and later a cardboard carton factory and is to be found not very far away.

Laubegast is an old village on the banks of the River Elbe. As Dresden has spread over the years it is now part of the city and is well connected to it by tram.

In the warmer months the Elbe is plied by the genuine steam ships of the Sächsische Dampfschiffarht. Back in the DDR days when they were the Weisse Flotte (White Fleet) some services called at the pier in Laubegast. Unfortunately this is no longer done.

As mentioned above, Zum Gerücht is a beautiful restaurant. On the outside wall there is a painting that I think depicts a rumour being spread. I entered through the wooden porch and noticed the beer service area to my right with a table and chairs in front where there were some people drinking. Most of the restaurant is to the left of the entrance and extends into the adjacent building.

Gerucht 2
At the far end of this main room there is another "bar" but it wasn't in use when I visited. The walls are covered with various bric à brac, paintings, old photographs, signs and a lot more.

The tables and chairs are very mixed but are all wooden. There is some upholstered bench seating like church pews along the walls. There were candles on every table providing a very intimate atmosphere.

I arrived just after opening time at 19.00 and the pub very soon filled up; most of the visitors were dining. I would guess that most of them were local and were repeat customers as they knew the waiter and waitress. This is, of course, a very good recommendation for the quality of the food and beer.

The pub offers two draught beers from the Hausbrauerei Laubegast. Hell (4.6%); I had first. There were definitely some American hops in this as I could detect the citrus back taste. I thought it was good yet I liked the Dunkel more. This had all the right tastes for a dark beer; a bit of roast, a bit of dark yet all rounded off with a good bitterness; highly recommended.

Gerucht 3The brewery actually brews four different beers as they occasionally produce a Bockbier and for the Inselfest (Island Festival) in Laubegast there is Rotes Festbier. The brewery is to be found at Österreicher Strasse 67, 01279 Dresden-Laubegast. Tel: 0351 2413425. It is not open to the public and off sales have to be made at Zum Gerücht. The brewery produces about 750 litres of beer about once a week. Ingredients are traditional, especially so the malt which comes from nearby Heidenau. A notable departure from the norm in this area is that their beers are all top fermented.

This pub is truly excellent and well worth making the tram trip out of central Dresden for an evening visit.

Important Information:

Zum Gerücht, Altlaubegast 5, 01279 Dresden. Tel: 0351 2513425

Open: Monday-Sunday 19.00-24.00

There are two tram routes from the central city area. No 4 runs through Mitte and No 6 through Neustadt. You alight from either at Leubener Strasse. The stops for each are at slightly different locations. Arriving from the city centre walk back a few metres to the street junction. You will see a small road, like a lane, opposite. This is Altlaubegast and the pub is 100 metres along on the left. The cross-city 86 Bus also serves this stop.