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Monday 30th June 2011

Bob Thompson

Surrey is south of Vancouver towards the US border. It is easily reached by the Skytrain Expo line, a 37 minute journey. Skytrain is the completely automated metro system of Greater Vancouver. I alighted at Surrey Central. This station is about five minutes from the pub and brewery at Suite 190, 13450 102nd Avenue. It actually forms one corner of the Central City Shopping Centre.

central city brewing buildingThis brewery also supplies other pubs. The beers all go under the Red Racer name and they were Classic Lager (5.0%), Pale Ale (5.0%), White Ale (5.0%), ESB (5.5%), Raspberry Wheat Beer (5.0%), Stout (4.2%) and IPA (6.5%). There was also a seasonal which was a Saison, not my favourite style.

There was a taster tray of 4 5oz glasses so I tried the PA, ESB, Stout and IPA. I liked them all, although I'm not so sure I would have thought the same of the other offerings. I had a pint of IPA. The bartender was very helpful and I was given a Red Racer baseball cap for showing an interest in the beers.

A nice visit and well worth the time taken to get there.

Important Information:

Central City Brewing, 3450 102nd Avenue, Suite 190, Surrey BC. Tel: 604 582 6620

Open: Sunday to Thursday 11.00-24.00; Friday and Saturday: 11.00-01.00

Surrey is around 50 minutes journey away from downtown Vancouver using the Skytain.
Surrey Central station is just five minutes from the pub.