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Dockside 1 Orchids and drinking areaThursday 30th June 2011

Bob Thompson

This pub is on Granville Island and is a short walk from Granville Brewing.

The name may give an impression of a pub populated with stevedores and draymen but that could not be further from the truth. This is probably the most up-market brewpub I've ever visited.


Dockside 2 BarThe location is fabulous, at the back of the Granville Island Hotel; the bar area is in the middle of a very smart restaurant.

As it was late afternoon it wasn't busy and I was welcomed as a customer who showed interest in beer. I had a sampler tray and tasted the others because of the kindness of the barman.

The full list was Jamaican Lager (4.3%), Marina Light Lager (4.3%), Pelican Bay Brown Ale (5.0%), Cartwright Pale Ale (4.8%), Railspur IPA (5.7%), Old Bridge Dark Lager (4.9%), Johnston Pilsner (4.6%).

Dockside 3 Smart restaurant and Yachts


There were no seasonals or specials but I know they occasionally have a cask version of one of their beers, often dry hopped.

It's the ideal place for a beer with a parking place for your yacht. It is encouraging that such a location can lead the way by installing a brewery.

I liked it a lot, mostly for its high quality beers, but also for the warm welcome.


Important Information:

Dockside Brewing, 1253 Johnson Street, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC. V6H 3R9
Tel: 604 685 7070

Open: Sunday to Thursday 07.00-23.00; Friday and Saturday 07.00-24.00
Early opening is for breakfast.

From the City centre the following buses go over the Granville Bridge:
4, 7, 10, 14, 16 and 50. The 50 actually goes nearest.
Alight at West 2nd Avenue and it's about ten minutes walk to Dockside Brewing.

The island can also be reached by the Aquabus and the False Creek Ferry.