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Pub Visit - USA/Canada

Thursday 30th June 2011

Bob Thompson

I found Pat's at 403 East Hastings Street. This pub is next door and under the same management as the Patricia Hotel, a very traditional looking two star hotel. It's probably all right; there was a group of Japanese tourists coming out as I passed.

Pats Pub 1 BuildingIn the bar itself you couldn't get a greater contrast than with my previous visit, Dockside Brewing. Pat's is a neighbourhood pub. It was so dark inside that I had to wait some time for my eyes to adjust in order to read the names on the beer fonts.

When I couldn't see what I was looking for, I asked the bartender if they had Pat's Classic Lager and he obliged with a pint. This is the only beer brewed in-house and I must say for a lager it was pretty good, I could actually taste something.

Pats Pub 2 BreweryThe pub and hotel date from 1914, although the brewery was installed a lot later. Photography was difficult because of the lighting but I managed to get one of the small brewery.

There was also a great selection of beers from other small producers: Cannery Brewing (Penticton, BC) Blackberry Porter and IPA; Tree Brewing (Kelowna, BC) Cutthroat Pale Ale; R&B (Vancouver, BC) Red Devil IPA: Russell Brewing (Surrey, BC) Cream Ale and A wee angry Scotch Ale; Big Rock (Calgary, AB) Grasshopper Wheat Ale and Traditional Ale.

They also had their Rock Creek Cider.

Well worth a visit. I probably could have stayed all night!

Important Information:

Pats's Pub and Brewhouse, 403 East Hastings Street (at Dunlevy Avenue intersection),
Vancouver, BC. V6A 1P6. Tel: 604 255 4801

Open: Monday to Thursday 11.00-24.00; Friday and Saturday 11.00-01.00;
Sunday 11.00-22.00 (or later).

The following buses run along Hastings Street: 14, 16, 20 and 135.
There are also some night buses.