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Wednesday 22nd June 2011

Bob Thompson

pike 1 buildingThis morning I visited Seattle from my base in Tacoma. I arrived about 09.00 on the last Sounder commuter train of the morning. Thereafter I was on an organised tour of the many elements of public transport in the city. This encompassed trolley buses, trams, a monorail, diesels buses that run on electric power in the downtown transit tunnel plus a rapid transit line that we travelled on to SEATAC Airport. It was actually very enjoyable, I wasn't so sure when I booked it.

I was eventually released just before 16.00 in the downtown area after a ride on a 1964 vintage bus. It wasn't long till I found this pub at 1415 1st Avenue. It's located in the basement of a small shopping centre and has an interesting décor which doesn't look as if it came cheap.

pike 2 breweryI saw that I had a choice of six beers out of the permanent range of nine. I wasn't interested this time in seasonals and guest beers as I had never been here before and wanted to try the best of what they normally offer.

The complete list was as follows: Naughty Nellie Golden Organic Ale (4.7%), Pike Pale Amber Ale (5.0%), IPA (6.3%), Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale (6.5%), Tandem Double Ale (7.0%), Extra Stout (7.0%), Dry Wit White Ale (5.0%), Monk's Uncle Tripel Ale (9.0%) and Double IPA(8.0%).

pike 3 barI didn't have the Scotch Ale or the two Belgium-style offerings, but ordered the rest. The Double IPA was less than the 4 oz that the others were, but I wasn't bothered because they only sell it in 12 oz glasses normally.

I thought all of my selection were very good, I liked them all and I had a pint of IPA, after all it was late in the afternoon and I was in need of a drink after all the visits that morning and afternoon.

Important Information:

Pike Pub & Brewery, 1415 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA. 98101. Tel: 206 622 6044

Open: Daily 11.00-24.00

This brewpub is to found on the corner of First Avenue and Union Street, close to the world famous Pike Place market in Downtown. It is two blocks west of the University Street station of the Downtown Transit Tunnel and also 3rd Avenue and its many bus routes.