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Marble 1 BuildingTuesday 15th May 2012

Bob Thompson

Marble Brewery is the nearest brewery to downtown Albuquerque, being a few blocks north. The city has an interesting way of naming the East-West Avenues as quite a few of them are named after minerals that are mined or quarried, thus Coal Ave, Lead Ave, Slate Ave and of course, Marble Avenue where you find this brewery and pub.

I suppose it could be called a regional brewery as their beers are found throughout New Mexico. The present premises were opened in 2008 and can be described as a tap room grafted onto one side of the brewery with an outside drinking area. It has a long bar and many tables and chairs, above is a collection of historic beer cans.

Marble 2 Outside drinking areaThe brewery can be seen through a glass panel behind the bar. There was a fantastic array of beers on offer.

I had to choose from the following: Pilsner (4.7%), Wildflower Wheat (5.6%), Amber Ale (5.4%), Marble Red Ale (6.5%), India Pale Ale (6.8%), Oatmeal Stout (5.8%), Double India Pale Ale (8.0%), India White Ale (American wheat beer style)(7.0%), Double White (Belgian wheat beer style)(7.0%), Maibock (7.0%) and Belgian Triple (8.7%).

I ordered a taster tray of six beers and started with Amber Ale which I thought was light and pleasant. This was followed by Marble Red Ale. This was very good but not like an Irish Red Ale as it was very bitter. I liked it a lot.

Marble 3 Long barIPA was next and it was excellent being in the US style but with not too many citrus flavour hops. Close in taste to its style was Oatmeal Stout, good flavours but thin in body.

India White Ale was a revelation. When I ordered it I wasn't aware that it was a wheat beer but I needn't have worried as, although it had the wheat colour and some taste, there was no sweetness and just the right amount of hopiness.

I finished with Double IPA. It was a US classic with a hearty bitterness that wasn't overpowering. The finish was mildly bitter.

Marble 4 Historic Beer Cans and BreweryAlthough it is a tap room they have a limited range of toasted sandwiches which are pre-prepared in the kitchen of the Chama River Brewery.

They also have another tap room in Santa Fe with beers supplied from Albuquerque.

So that was my last beer in Albuquerque. It's a really nice town and I'd like to go back one day.

I walked to the Railroad station to catch the South West Chief on the rails alongside Route 66.

My destination that night was Williams, Arizona and we passed through Gallup, New Mexico and Flagstaff, Arizona. Both are mentioned in the song. The station between these two is Winslow, Arizona, which happens to be the setting for the Eagles' "Take it Easy".

Marble 5 South West Chief TrainIt's remarkable that three consecutive stopping places on this train should all be mentioned in song!

See picture of the South West Chief waiting to leave Albuquerque after running the 1,341 miles from Chicago with another 924 to go before arriving in Los Angeles early the next morning.

Important Information:

Marble Brewery, 111 Marble Avenue NW

 Open: Monday to Saturday 13.00-24.00; Sunday 13.00-22.30

The ABQ Ride no 5 bus passes one block away
and many buses run along Lomas Boulevard, two blocks south.