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Albuquerque, New Mexico:
Tractor Brewing Nob Hill Tap Room

Monday 14th May 2012

Bob Thompson

This not a brew pub as such but it gives Albuquerque residents the chance to drink the full range from Tractor Brewing of Los Lunas. This is, I would guess, about 20 to 25 miles south of Albuquerque. If I'd had the time I would have gone to the brewery itself but this was a good substitute. Los Lunas can be reached using the New Mexico Rail Runner train service.

Tractor 1 BuildingIt was just dusk when I entered this pub and saw the extensive range of beers displayed. There were five regulars and four seasonals. Regulars: Farmers Almanac IPA (6.2%); Farmers Tan Red Ale (6.5%); Haymaker Honey Wheat (6.0%); Sod Buster Pale Ale (6.0%) and Double Plow Oatmeal Stout (6.0%).

The Seasonals/Specials were Minneapolis Moline Pilsner (6.5%); Golden Belgian Ale (7.2%); Maibock (6.5%) and A Witty Belgian Ale (6.0%).

Tractor 2 Tap roomI've only got notes regarding four of the beers so I must have just had four samplers. The IPA wasn't as bitter as most but I did like it, likewise the Red Ale. The Pale Ale was the best and although the Stout tasted all right if a thin for the style.

As this is a Tap Room, food is not served but you have a choice if you want to eat. You can either bring in your own, order a delivery from a nearby restaurant or buy something from one of the food trucks that are normally parked outside.

This pub was very busy when I called in and it was difficult to find a seat. Maybe, one day, I can go back at a quieter time.

Important Information:

Tractor Brewing Nob Hill Tap House, 118 Tulane Drive SE

Open: Mon to Thurs 15.00-24.00; Fri 13.00-02.00; Sat 11.00-02.00; Sun 12.00-24.00

There's a bus stop just outside the pub on Central Avenue, used by the 66 route.

A block east is a stop for the 766 and 777 Rapid Ride Express lines.
These routes have their own stops. All go to and from Downtown.