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coalition brewing co 1 buildingSaturday 2nd July 2011

Bob Thompson

A couple of minutes away from the Laurelhurst Theater is an extremely eclectic brewpub at 2728 SE Ankeny Street.

If Migration Brewing was laid back then this one was flat on its back. Open to the street (obviously not in winter) it had a very continental feel.

It is an old building that has been extended, but what are they building on the roof? Inside, any fears that the structure atop the building might fall off were soon forgotten about when I espied the beer list.

This is another that provides the IBUs of the various beers. It reproduced exactly as it appears on the blackboard in the pub. King Kitty Red Ale (5.7%/59), Bump's ESB (5.5%/56), Mr Pig's Pale Ale (5.0%/54), Hanso Stout (6.2%/72), Two Dogs IPA (5.8%/77), Wu C.R.E.A.M. (4.9%/28), Loving Cup Maple Porter (5.5%/38) and finally Hanso vs. Bulleit (6.4%/72). I had a sampler tray of the lot, see photo.

coalition brewing co 3 sampler traycoalition brewing co 2 blackboard

I have to say that it was great to be in a brewery that only made English style ales. The cream ale was a bit insipid, yet the Maple Porter was a lot better than I thought it would be.

This is a great pub making great beers. Then, it was time for bed, as Zebedee said.

Important Information:

Coalition Brewing Co, 2724 SE Ankeny Street, Portland OR. 97214. Tel: 503 894 8080

Open: Tuesday to Friday 15.00-24.00; Saturday and Sunday 12.00-24.00; Monday Closed

This brewpub is to be found at the junction of SE Ankeny Street and 28th Avenue.
It is one block south of the Laurelhurst Theater and two south of Beulahland.
No 20 bus to and from the city centre runs along E Burnside Street, one block north.