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Colorado Springs, Colorado:
Cerberus Brewing Company

Visited on: Sunday 3rd June 2018

Bob Thompson

Cerberus1We had just visited Colorado Mountain’s Roundhouse Brewery-Restaurant and just five minutes down Colorado Avenue there was another brew-pub. The two could not have more different, pure chalk and cheese.

The place we had come from was big and bold and well used to handling crowds. Cerberus is much smaller, more intimate and friendly. The name Cerberus is of the mythical three-headed dog, see the logo.

Cerberus is the inspiration of four partners, Tom Halfast, Josh Adamski, Cindy Geiser, and Jerry Morris. They got together in March 2015 to begin planning their new venture. They had purchased the building in May 2015. It was formerly the Colorado Avenue Veterinarian Hospital. Next they had to obtain approvals for the change of use which was achieved in September 2015. The pub opened the doors to its new customers on 12th September 2016.

Cerberus2We walked around the building to enter alongside the garden which was well patronised on this warm but overcast day. Whilst doing this we observed the brewery equipment through a window.

Once inside we could see that there was one main room that narrowed in the middle by the entrance door. One left end was occupied with diners and we settled in the bar room at the right end.

I was with wife Linda and John, who was chaperoning us around the state of Colorado. As John did not participate because he was driving, the main tasting job was left to myself and Linda. It was quite a job too! There were no less than fifteen beers available on draught. Very briefly, they are noted below:

Cerberus3The regular beers appeared to be: Elysium IPA (6.2%); Tiny Umbrella Party IPA (6.3%); Delphi Pale Ale (5.5%); No Big Deal Köisch (5.0%); Reminiscent Cream Ale (5.4%) and Perpetual Cycle Pils (5.0%).

If I’ve got this right the following are specials: Thread of Life IPA (7.5%); Splintered Staff Belgian Single Ale (5.0%); Maibok (8.3%); Dementer Saison (7.2%); Motivational Speaker Double IPA (9.0%); Two Coins Kettle Sour IPA (4.2%); Hathor California Common (5.2%); Great Big Umbrella Party Triple IPA (10.1%) and Dark Soul American Stout (6.4%).

There were also some guest beers: Fremont (Seattle, WA) Lush IPA (7.0%); Crooked Stave (Denver) Sour Peach (4.5%) and Lord Hobo (Woburn, MA) Broomsauce American Imperial IPA (7.8%).

Cerberus4There was also a flavoured cider: Schilling Cider (Seattle, WA) Grapefruit & Chilli (6.0%). Very commendably they also make two non-alcoholic drinks: Ginger Beer and Cream Soda. We tried the Ginger Beer and liked it but thought it was a bit sweet.

We tried six beers from Cerberus and this is our opinions of them: Elysium IPA was very cloudy with a lemony aroma and a citrus hop taste, quite unbalanced. Delphi was very gassy with a dry bitterness that was not citrus. No discernible malt. Thread of Life IPA was a complex combination of bitterness. Hazy to the eye, it had notes of pineapple, mango and orange with more orange in the after taste.

Cerberus5We then had Dark Soul American Stout and thought it a little thin for the style. There was a slight chocolate aroma followed by a similar taste. It was not very bitter. Tiny Umbrella Party IPA was good. It was clear to the eye and had a good aroma. The body taste was a good balanced combination of hops and malt yet with no tropical notes as advertised.

Great Big Umbrella Party IPA had a hoppy aroma. The main body taste was very, very bitter, yet quite complex and smooth. We liked it very much.

The food is very highly rated indeed and beer-wise you are bound to find something to like here and it comes highly recommended.

Important Information:

Cerberus Brewing Company, 702 West Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs 80905. Tel: 719 494 7977

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11.00-22.00; Friday-Saturday 11.00-23.00.

There is the Bus 3 from Downtown. Alight at Colorado & 8th Street. The return is from Colorado & Chestnut. That is it for public transport to the area of the pub.
Colorado Springs is served by Greyhound Buses.