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Visited on: Saturday 9th June 2018

Bob Thompson

Seedstock1The concept behind Seedstock comes from co-owning brothers Ron and Jason Abbott are from a farming family in Nebraska. Their great-grandparents emigrated from central Europe and they wanted to brew classic beers from that region in the USA along with some English styles with the finest ingredients. The name of the brewery comes from that farming tradition as “seedstock” is the best grain saved to grown the following year.

Like many others in the USA they created a brewery from the building of a former auto shop. However, in this case it was completely rebuilt to their specifications and is now unrecognisable from its former purpose.

Seedstock2They acquired a five barrel (bbls) brewery from a company in San Diego that was up-sizing its operation. They opened in March 2016. The brothers had been avid home brewers since 1992.

Linda and I visited in the early evening of a pleasant day and most of the clientèle were outside in the small terrace area. Inside the main door we noticed the brewery in the far left of the building. The bar counter was along the back wall with the usual row of stools in front. In the rest of the room there were a number of wooden loose tables and chairs. It covers 2,400 sq feet and holds 60 drinkers. There is space for another 40 on the patio. There is no glass screen separating the brewery from the drinking area and there’s even a shelf with stools looking in.

There was a good selection of beers that comprised: Czech Pilsner (5.8%); Bohemian Ale (6.2%); No Coast IPA (6.2%), Vanilla Expresso Stout (4.9%); Seedstock Amber (5.4%), a Kellerbier; Session Ale (4.6%); Vienna Lager (5.1%); Premium Czech Lager (5.6%); Broyhan Ale (4.3%), an English bitter and Trippin’ with Grandma, a Belgian Trippel Ale.

Seedstock3We tried six of the ten on offer and they were as follows, with our comments. Czech Pilsner was a very good lager that could possibly been a bit more bitter to be of the Czech style. Bohemian Ale, a style that doesn’t exist and it was a bit odd. Uses Czech hops, it tasted a bit like an amber ale, but more bitter, quite good.

Seedstock Amber Ale was said to be a Kellerbier, we didn’t get that. Also, it wasn’t as sweet as its description indicated, quite pleasant, nevertheless.

We continued with Vanilla Expresso Stout, which was all right if you like that sort of beer. The Vanilla flavour came through, it was OK. Session Ale was very good, being well balanced; a nice easy drinking beer. No Coast IPA was also very good with a medium bitterness and a smooth finish.

This is a very good brew-pub to visit for its beers and chilled out atmosphere.

Important Information:

Seedstock Brewing Company, 3600 West Colfax Avenue, Denver 80204. Tel: 720 476 7831

Hours: Monday-Thursday 14.00-21.00; Friday 14.00-23.00; Saturday 11.00-23.00; Sunday 11:00-21.00

The pub is close to the West Colfax Avenue/Meade Street bus stops. This is served by bus route 16. Route 16 runs from West to East starting in Golden and terminating at the Civic Center Bus Station in Denver.
From either the east or west-bound stops walk towards the city and you will see the pub on the right side.

Bus route 16 runs every 15 minutes until late evening and every 30 minutes thereafter, every day of the week. This route interchanges with RTD Rail lines D, F & H at Auraria station and line W at Decatur-Federal station.