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Arvada (Olde Town), Colorado:
Denver Beer Company - Arvada Olde Town

Visited on: Thursday 14th June 2018

Bob Thompson

Denver Beer Co 1It was a very hot day! On the local Fahrenheit scale it was 94 degrees, equating to 34° in Celsius. So, it was very pleasing to walk through this pub’s patio under a mist system spraying fine cold water over the shaded tables, and it was nicely cool inside.

This was the second Denver Beer Co pub we had visited as we had earlier called in to the Denver operation in Platt Street, close to Union station, which also has a water-cooled patio.

Denver Beer Co 2
We had hoped to reach Arvada by train, which is around seven miles north west from Denver, as it’s on the new G line of the RTD (Regional Transportation District). Sadly this was not possible as there is a problem with the federal authorities regarding grade (level = UK Eng) crossings and it has not yet opened.

Its track is shared with the parallel line of the BNSF Railroad, whose freight trains take a lot longer to pass than the RTD 2 or 4 car passenger trains and I believe this is where the problem lies.

Nevertheless it was a very simple journey from our host’s residence in Lakewood as both communities are located on the north-south Wadsworth Boulevard which is well served by the 76 bus route. And so it was that we arrived at the Arvada Park-n-Ride which is next to the future Olde Town Arvada Rail Station. After crossing the railroad tracks we walked into the pleasant old Olde Town central area.

Denver Beer Co 3The northern boundary of the compact downtown is Ralston Road running east to west. The main street on the north-south axis is Olde Wadsworth Boulevard. This is a remnant of the old road, the new Wadsworth bypass runs around the town to the east.

At the intersection of these two roads I, accompanied by Linda, found the Denver Beer Co. It’s a former car showroom evidenced by the large sign of Craig Chevrolet.

Denver Beer Co 4Inside we found a large room with the bar counter with many stools on the left. The glass frontage and a side window let in a lot of light.

Also on the left but further along the room is the brewery itself. There is a low metal wall around it with shelves on the outside for upright drinking.

Hanging from the ceiling in front of it were four chalk boards displaying the beer menu and other information.

Seating is at high tables and chairs at the front, German-style low benches with long tables in the middle and high tables resume at the back alongside the brewing equipment. Looking along the right side of the room we found a wall with paintings of jazz musicians. Next were some pinball machines and alongside is something quite different, an indoor food truck, actually a caravan.

Denver Beer Co 5It is a conversion from an old Airsteam trailer and it is home to the Mighty Burger, and is well regarded. It’s the inspiration of the Lucky Pie Pizza restaurant of Arvada, who lease it from the Denver Beer Co. No longer waiting out in the rain / heat / snow at the usual food truck. There is more pinball between it and the large glazed doors out to the patio.

The company was founded by Charlie Berger and Patrick Crawford and the Platt Street (Denver) operation commenced in 2011 (see separate article on that). The next major advance was the opening of the Denver Beer Co’s Canworks in August, 2014 at 4455 Jason Street in the Sunnyside district of Denver. This brewery enabled the company to distribute canned beer throughout the state of Colorado. Also, it has its own taproom open Thursday to Sunday.

Denver Beer Co 6A good selection of beers were available here in Arvada. There appeared to be five regulars and we had three. Firstly we had Japance Off (5.7%), described as a French-style Saison. It was sour yet had a lemon flavour. We thought it quite interesting. Then Graham Cracker Porter (5.6%) with its vast chocolate flavour. Finally, the last of the regulars tasted was Incredible Pedal IPA (7.0%). This is an extremely good ale that was very hoppy, as expected. The main flavour was of citrus from the hops yet it was quite smooth with a bit of a dry finish.

We had ordered our first beers as a flight of five. Yet as we proceeded through the tasting we were offered more samples from our ever-attentive barman, Shane. One I wasn’t so sure about was Coconut Crush (5.0%), a coconut wheat beer! Well, I have to say it was better than we expected it to be, a bit like a bitter lager. Then we had Single Malt Scotch (4.6%) which was a red ale. We thought it had an unusual taste yet was both malty (true to style) yet with some bitterness, very nice.

Denver Beer Co 7Then we were given a taste of Steamy Nicks (7.1%) which was a collaboration with the Gravity Brewery. Smoke was the predominate taste and I must say that we liked it.

After that we were privileged to taste a new beer. It was an, as yet unnamed blonde ale between 4.5% and 5.0% abv. It had added coriander and cardamom and was hazy, yet very light and refreshing.

Our last beer was Twilight Daze Black IPA (6.2%) which was excellent with a black pepper bitterness which was very dry, superb.

Denver Beer Co 8Through the generosity of the management we had sampled a considerable chunk of the beer menu on offer. However there were six that we had not tasted and these were: Princess Yum Yum (4.8%), a Kölsch flavoured with real raspberries. Pretzel Assassin (5.0%), a sweet amber lager. Enigma (5.1%), a wheat pale ale. Thin Mint (5.3%), a stout with roast and mint flavours. Malt your face off (5.8%), a very malty ale and finally the solo Honduran Pilsner (4.9%), a pils with added coffee.

We had a great time at this pub and much of it was due to the generosity of the Denver Beer Co’s Arvada General Manager Shane (above right) and the brewer, who I believe was Jason (left). We got to taste several beers that we would not have normally had access to and went home with a few souvenirs; some of which were in liquid form. Thanks guys, it was a pleasure meeting you.

Needless to say, we recommend this pub wholeheartedly.

Important Information:

Denver Beer Company-Arvada, 5768 Olde Wadsworth Boulevard. Arvada 80002. Tel: 303 433 2739

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11.00-23.00; Friday-Saturday 12.00-24.00

In the future you will be able to ride the G line of the RTD suburban network.
It will take less than 20 minutes.
Trains will start from Union Station. At this time (March 2019) it had not started, until then it’s by bus only.

Bus routes serve the Arvada Park-N-Ride by the station. From there go to the railroad tracks on Vance Street. Cross over these tracks and turn left past the rail station. Turn left into Grandview Avenue.
Go past the station and go right into Old Wadsworth Boulevard.
A few blocks on, turn right into Ralston Road.
You will then find Denver Brewing Company.