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Some Place Else 1Visited on: Sunday 10th June 2018

Bob Thompson

The shadows were lengthening as Linda and I walked towards this brewery. Although its location was clear on our map, on the ground reality proved to be a little different. We could see the sign but it was the wrong side of a wire fence. After circumnavigating that we eventually arrived through can only be described as a hole in the wall. However, inside all was well as we found ourselves in friendly and comfortable bar room.

Some Place Else 2On the right side of the room we observed the small bar counter. Further along that side we could see the brewery’s equipment. Between the two there was a band playing, perfect for a late Sunday afternoon! They were the Anthony Russo Band who specialise in original r & b, and blues, ideal!

Back to the room, the left side wall is painted red and has a number of paintings hanging on it. These are by local artists and are offered for sale. There are tall loose tables and chairs along this side of the room.

This pub-brewery was founded and owned by Ryan Parker and Tori Miller. Ryan is the brewer and Tori is in charge of administration and operations. It opened its door on 22nd September 2016 and has proved very popular since. There’s a lot going on here as it is sometimes referred to as a “Brewcade”. This is because it is almost a working museum for vintage games.

Some Place Else 3There are some pin-ball machines in the main room but most are in the arcade room at the rear. They have twelve in total.

They also have two skeeball machines. This a bit like giant bagatelle where you throw balls at a large bull’s eye target with different points for different rings.

And let’s not forget the primitive Arcade screen games. They have Space Invaders and Asteroids, two of my favourites.

There was a good selection of beers offered. When we called in these were Padme Pilsner (5.5%); X-Wing Wheat (6.0%); Blueberry Wheat (6.0%); Raspberry Cream Ale (5.5%); Alpine Loop Amber (5.5%); Darth Saison (6.7%); 1 3/4 IPA (7.3%); Spock’s Brain IPA (7.4%); Irish Stout (6.4%); Oatmeal Stout (5.8%); Vanilla Teleporter (5.9%), obviously a porter.

Some Place Else 4We tried five of these beers and these are our opinions on them. Alpine Loop Amber was quite muddy looking and also had a muddy taste. I should have asked if it was supposed to be like that but was in a rush to get the next beer down my neck to take the taste away.

That was Irish Stout which disappointed a little. It had a thin body for the style and was a bit sharp, nevertheless drinkable.

We continued with 1 3/4 IPA which was smooth and possessed a medium bitterness, very good. Spock’s Brain IPA had a dry bitterness throughout and was also very well liked. Finally we had Padme Pilsner which we thought was better than expected with a correct lager taste.

Some Place Else 5I like many genres of pubs but this was one of the best. Live music, pinball machines, no food, good beer; what’s not to like. If it sold cask beer it truly would have been up near the top of the pinnacle. But there are also beautiful pub gardens in summer, river-side pubs, sitting around a fire in an isolated country pub in winter.

There are more: classic German beerhalls, centuries old Bavarian village breweries, classic Victorian city pubs and terraced street corner boozers. Great pubs come in many guises, yet this is one of them.

Important Information:

Some Place Else Brewery, 6425 West 52nd Avenue Unit 6/6B, Arvada, 80002. Tel: 720 512 4162

Hours: Monday-Tuesday Closed;
Wednesday-Friday 15.00-22.00; Saturday 12.00-22.00; Sunday 12.00-19.00

The nearest bus stops are at West 52nd Avenue/Marshall Street served by bus 52.
The stops are on the west side of the 52th and Marshall intersection.

From the bus stops walk towards the city centre. Cross the intersection with Marshall Street.
You will see the Marshall Liquor store on the left. The brewery is at the rear of the next building.
Approach it by walking along a path with an iron fence on the left side and the building on the right.

The 52 runs from Almeda RTD Rapid Transit station via the city centre, passing Union station on 20th Street. It continues to Arvada Olde Town, running every thirty minutes during the day, weekdays and Saturdays. It is hourly in the evenings and on Sundays.