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Denver (Sunnyside), Colorado:
Diebolt Brewing Company

Visited on: Sunday 10th June 2018

Bob Thompson

Diebolt1Sunnyside is the district just north from Highland where Linda and I had just visited the Prost Brewing pub, so it was a short bus journey to get to Diebolt Brewing.

Whereas Prost is very much a German brewery, interestingly Diebolt’s leanings are towards France, see below. It was founded by father and son Dan and Jack Diebolt and their pub and brewery opened in early 2013.

Their ancestry is from the wine making provinces of eastern France yet they also have links to the brewing in those states. On a very hot day we approached the rather unprepossessing building of Diebolt, passing Factotum Brewing’s building on the way, they are only a block apart.

Diebolt2Once inside we found a smallish room with a colourful bar counter in front of the far wall. The bar serves everything; the beers of course but also the merchandise and the take-away sales. The next wall is painted grey with a large representation of the Diebolt logo. In the corner is a load of indoor games in a cabinet. Looking clockwise around the large windows are next and the light was flooding in on this day.

The furniture is small wooden tables each with four plastic seats. We noticed that there was some overflow capacity to be found in the large brewery room where more seating along with a table football game. Should it be needed there was definitely room for expansion in this area.

A diverse and extensive selection of draught beers were on offer. These were Sunnyside (4.3%), an American wheat beer; Anton Francois Ale (5.5%), a French-style amber ale; Colorado Greenback (6.0%), an IPA; Mariposa (6.0%), an American pale ale; Postcard (5.6%), a porter; Wiggy Wiggy (6.0%), a honey hibiscus saison and Magdelena (8.2%) a double IPA.

Diebolt3Next was a collaboration with Seedstock Brewery (see separate article) in the shape of Smoked Run and Raison Kölsch (4.6%); Vladislav (11.0%), a bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Russian stout; Perk (4.9%), a coffee saison; Augmenter (6.2%), a barrel-aged brett (spontaneously fermented) Bière de Mars in the Bière de Garde style; 100% brett Gruit (6.5%), a spontaneously fermented beer with no hops added and finally Charlie Blackberry (5.5%), a sour ale flavoured with blackberries.

I think you’ll agree that is quite an eclectic range of ales, note no lagers. We sampled six of them and please see below our comments on them.

The Kölsch was a collaboration between Diebolt and Seedstock breweries. It was flavoured with smoked rum and raison although we could not taste the additives, a good Kölsch flavour came through. Anton Francois French Amber Ale was definitely an amber ale with not much bitterness.

Diebolt4Next was Mariposa American Pale Ale. This was hazy but OK on the taste. However, it had no balance; although it had a slight citrus after taste.

Colorado Greenback IPA was smoothly bitter, not sharp at all considering it was of 85 IBU. The after taste was very dry, nice.

Then we had Magdelena Double IPA (8.2%). another smooth IPA with 75 IBU. It had some malt in the finish and we liked it a lot.

Finally we had Vladislav Bourbon Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout (11.0%). This was truly the real deal with a true Imperial Stout taste that is thick and bitter. The Bourbon comes through in the aroma and the after taste, fantastic!

There’s some great beers to be had here. They don’t do food but I’m sure food trucks call in.

Important Information:

Diebolt Brewing Company, 3855 Mariposa Street, Denver 80211. Tel: 918 625 9038

Hours: Monday-Thursday 16.00-22.00; Friday 14.00-22.00; Saturday 12:00-22.00; Sunday 12:00-20.00

The nearest bus stop is Lipan Street/West 38th Avenue and it is served by routes 19 and 52. If coming from the city centre continue to West 39th Street in the same direction along Lipan Street as the bus.
Factotum is on the left at this intersection. Turn left into 39th and you will find Diebolt a block further on.

Bus 19 runs from Denver Civic Center to Northglen Marketplace (104th Street) every 30 minutes weekdays.
It is hourly in the evenings and on Saturdays and Sundays. It passes Union station on Wewatta Street.

Bus 52 runs from Almeda RTD Rapid Transit station via the city centre, passing Union station on 20th Street. It continues to Arvada Olde Town, running every thirty minutes during the day, weekdays and Saturdays. It is hourly in the evenings and on Sundays.